Peter Andre denies refusing to touch any of his fans over fear of contracting the coronavirus

2 March 2020, 17:27

The star has denied the claims
The star has denied the claims. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The singer was slammed after a poster emerged seemingly claiming that Peter didn't didn't wish to have any contact with his fans.

Peter Andre has insisted he "hugged everyone I met" at a recent gig in Southampton, after a poster emerged implying that the star didn't want any physical contact with any of the audience members.

The father-of-four was shocked after the poster made it onto social media, seemingly created by the event's provider for his 'An Evening With Peter Andre' at the Southampton Central Hall.

Peter recently performed at a gig in Southampton
Peter recently performed at a gig in Southampton. Picture: PA

It read: "Due to recent cases of the coronavirus please DO NOT have any physical contact with Peter Andre.

“Please DO NOT take any selfies with Peter Andre. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

A picture of the poster was shared on Twitter by numerous people, with one called Gareth sharing it with the hilarious caption: "Who knew the solution to the coronavirus outbreak was so simple?

"No need for travel restrictions, self-isolation, hand washing or any of that stuff - just don’t touch Peter Andre and everything will be fine."

After the images of the poster emerged, the singer caught on the the rumours flying about and posted a screenshot of an article, denying any claims that he refused to let fans touch him.

Peter, 42, expressed his amusement over the whole situation, and Tweeted out telling his followers that he didn't realise that the posters has been passed around.

He said: "Ok this must be a wind up because I hugged Everyone I met.

"People were saying to me that they had been told not to touch me and that there were signs.

"I thought they were joking. Brilliant. I am now officially a diva without being a diva".

Peter then joked about it saying "On a serious note though don't touch me!"

Many of his fans replied to the tweet, with one who attended the event sharing a picture of her with Peter, saying: "I for one loved my hugs on Friday.....I'm still standing so those Andre hugs must be the virus cure for sure! Lol xx"