Princess Andre, 15, looks just like mum Katie Price on red carpet

25 October 2022, 06:32 | Updated: 25 October 2022, 08:24

Peter Andre, Princess and Junior head to the Pride of Britain Awards

Fans have said Princess Andre looked the spitting image of her mum Katie Price on the red carpet of the Pride of Britain awards.

Princess Andre appeared on the red carpet with her family last night.

The eldest daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre posed for pictures alongside her dad and brother Junior at the Pride of Britain Awards.

And fans were quick to point out how much 15-year-old Princess looks like her famous mum when she was younger.

After Peter shared a video with his kids on the way to the event, one person commented: “Wow princess is her mums double 🥰❤️”.

Princess Andre appeared the Pride of Britain Awards
Princess Andre appeared the Pride of Britain Awards. Picture: Getty Images

“Gorgeous 😍 princess the double of her mom 🥰,” said another, while a third added: “Princess is her mums double here!! ❤️”

Pete opened up about his kids while on the red carpet, explaining why he was keen for his kids to join him at the event.

"I want the kids to come to events like this I really do,” he said, continuing: “I want them to see it and to know that the industry is not just about what you can get."

Commenting on his daughter, he said: "Tonight, her name Princess really makes sense.”

Dad-of-four Peter - who also shares Amelia, eight, and Theo, five, with wife Emily, 33, - went on to chat about his kids being on social media.

Princess Andre is the spitting image of her mum Katie
Princess Andre is the spitting image of her mum Katie. Picture: Instagram

He said: "I remember, I was so scared of them going on social media. People were telling me not to allow them to go on there, but I would say, try asking any parent to do that to their kids. It’s just trying to navigate them on how to do it. But I think they do really well on it."

Peter then joked: "My kids won’t listen to me now anyway, so it doesn’t matter what I say now.

Junior then added: "I think our upbringing in itself guided us the right way to move on socials and how to present ourselves and how to be. I think we luckily know how to process things.

Looking at his sister, he added: "We have each other’s support as well. We’re a team".

Peter Andre's house got struck by lightning

This comes after Peter revealed his family home was struck by lightning over the weekend while he and his terrified daughter hid inside.

The singer, 49, admitted that he and Princess were left shaken up when the thunderstorm caused terrible damage to their house, including a cracked chimney and damaged roof.

He explained his eldest girl let out a scream during the scary incident on Sunday night, telling fans that her reaction was louder than the crack of lightning itself.

Sharing a video on Instagram, he wrote: "Our house just got struck by lightning. The loudest thing I’ve ever heard. Alarms going off. This is mad. Thank god Princess is OK. Although [I] don’t know what was louder, her scream or the roof."

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