Stacey Solomon 'embarrassed' to reveal DIY hair dye results that covered up grey roots

15 June 2020, 12:12

Stacey shared her dyeing journey with fans
Stacey shared her dyeing journey with fans. Picture: Instagram

The star got fed up with her roots in lockdown and decided to tackle to problem herself.

Stacey Solomon always looks fab and she's been keeping us entertained with her home life content on her social media accounts during lockdown.

The star, 30, showed everyone yesterday how she merged her home hacking skills with her hair, as she braved the packet dye instead of waiting for her professional hairdresser.

Mum-of-three Stacey touched up her grey roots at home and admitted she was 'embarrassed' to show fans.

Speaking to her 3.4 million fans, Stacey explained she wasn't able visit a hairdresser due to lockdown restrictions and took matters into her own hands.

Posting a video to her Instagram stories, the Loose Women panellist wore a towel around her head, confessing she was scared to reveal the finished product.

She wrote: "Just dyed my hair from a packet, I just couldn't go any longer with the roots... I can't tell if it's a disaster yet, I'll let you know once I've dried it."

Stacey shared the picture on her Instagram
Stacey shared the picture on her Instagram. Picture: Instagram
Stacey's hair looked great afterwards!
Stacey's hair looked great afterwards! Picture: Instagram

Stacey continued: "Okay here we go... I'm slightly embarrassed of this picture but it's the truth. 30 and in the grey club."

Then Stacey shared her 'after' picture of her freshly dyed locks, saying: "It's soooo much better... it hasn't covered ALL of my greys but most of them are gone.

"I followed the instructions on the box exactly. I'm so relieved and actually really pleased with the result.

"I still can't wait to get it done properly though."

If this doesn't prove that box dye can do a good job, we don't know what will!