Stacey Solomon reveals the one thing she's stopped doing to her hair

10 January 2019, 11:19 | Updated: 10 January 2019, 11:20

Stacey Solomon shared her hair tips on Instagram
Stacey Solomon shared her hair tips on Instagram. Picture: Instagram @staceysolomon/ ITV

Fans showered the presenter with praise after her hair looked in fantastic condition during yesterday's episode of Loose Women.

Stacey Solomon took to Instagram to thank fans for their kind comments about her hair recently whilst sharing the secret to it's amazing condition.

The Loose Women star and mum of two shared a snap of her luscious brown locks and revealed the secret to it's shiny appearance.

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She said: "There we’re so many lovely comments about my hair today. People asking what products I have used etc etc. I can honestly say there’s no need to go to the shops and buy anything."

"All I’ve done is stopped bleaching. I’ve also left my hair alone for the last few weeks! No hot irons or curls and it’s worked wonders!"

We could all take a leaf out of Stacey's book when it comes to easing up on the amount of heat we use to style our hair.

But it's not just heat that's taking its toll on Stacey's hair, she blames bleach from dying her hair multiple times too.

"I hate to admit it but bleach and lots of heat will kill your hair to beyond the point of saving!"

"I’m going to try and touch up my grey hairs with eyeshadow and only wash and put heat on my hair once a week! The ultimate goal is to have long, thick, healthy mermaid hair."

Fans were particularly impressed with her nifty tip to cover grey hairs with eyeshadow.

One follower commented: "Oooh eyeshadow on the greys I’ve been using waterproof mascara ! I might try this."

Thanks for the tip Stacey!