Tom Daley reveals the real reason he will not share pictures of his son

2 May 2019, 14:46

Tom Daley and his husband welcomed their son in 2018
Tom Daley and his husband welcomed their son in 2018. Picture: Tom Daley/Instagram
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black welcomed their son, Robbie, last year.

Diving sensation Tom Daley became a father for the first time in June 2018.

The double world champion, 24, and his husband Lance named the little boy Robert – Robbie for short – and have since kept their fans updated in their journey of parenthood.

While the couple share insights into their life with Robbie, Tom and Lance have made the decision, like a lot of other celebrities, to not show the little one’s face.

Talking to, Tom explained the real reason behind this choice.

Tom and Lance do not share images of Robbie's face
Tom and Lance do not share images of Robbie's face. Picture: Tom Daley/Instagram

“There’s many reasons really”, the althlete explained, “there’s lots of people in our family, because we’re spread across the world, there’s lots of people that haven’t met him yet, and we want to be able for him to meet those friends and family members in person.”

He added: “That might change in the future, but for right now, we wanted to enjoy the first year with him.

“We share glimpses of parenthood, but keep Robbie for us and our family and friends.”

Talking about parenthood and becoming a father, Tom went on to reveal that the birth of his son has created a “shift in perspective” for him.

Tom has already taken little Robbie swimming
Tom has already taken little Robbie swimming. Picture: Tom Daley/Instagram

He said: “Little things like, before Robbie was around I would come home and be thinking about diving and all the things that I could have done better.

“When I get home now, there’s this little face with his hands reaching towards me, and I’m instantly taken away from the diving pool.”

Tom Daley is participating in the FINA World Diving Series from 17-19 May at the London Aquatics Centre.

Tickets start from £10 for adults and are available at

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