Who has beaten The Cube? All the biggest winners of Phillip Schofield’s game show

17 October 2020, 17:00

Phillip Schofield is back with a new series of The Cube
Phillip Schofield is back with a new series of The Cube. Picture: ITV

Has anyone ever beaten The Cube? How many people have won? Here's what we know...

The Cube is finally back on our screens, bringing us the game show which was practically made for social distancing.

Hosted by Phillip Schofield, the series gives contestants the chance to win a top prize of £250,000 by completing challenges from within a 4m × 4m × 4m Perspex cube.

And now the new ‘Million Pound Cube’ will see players compete for a whopping £1,000,000, while the celebrity specials will remain at £250,000.

But has anyone ever beaten The Cube and made it all the way to the end? Here’s what we know…

Mo Farah beat The Cube in series nine
Mo Farah beat The Cube in series nine. Picture: ITV

Who has beaten The Cube?

Since the show started back in 2009, no one has beaten The Cube in the normal episodes.

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But Mo Farah is the only person to ever win the top prize after he came out on top in the celebrity version for charity.

During the ninth series in 2009, Olympic champion runner Mo stormed through each game like Barrier, Revolution and Composure to bag £250,000.

Speaking about the historic moment, Phillip said: “Every single person who walks out onto that stage thinks, ‘I’m going to beat The Cube’. But apart from Mo Farah, they’ve all come apart at the seams.

“We were worried that we’d come up with a game that was unbeatable, but with Mo Farah’s combination of serenity, calmness and dedication on the night saw him sail through to win the top prize in 2012. Nobody has done it since. The celebrities are playing for charity, so that does mean there’s extra pressure.”

While they didn’t beat The Cube, Paddy McGuinness and Alesha Dixon came pretty close when they took part in 2014.

However, the two player format was adjusted and consisted of only three games worth £1,000, £50,000 and £100,000.

The players were given five lives and the "Simplify" lifeline.

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