Britain’s Got Talent fans ‘work out’ magician card trick after spotting clue

16 May 2022, 11:43 | Updated: 16 May 2022, 11:55

BGT viewers think they've spotted how Junwoo managed to do his card trick on the show this weekend.

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Britain’s Got Talent fans were left with their mouths open this weekend when Junwoo performed some incredible magic tricks.

The 23-year-old from South Korea travelled almost 20 hours from his home country to audition and was determined to impress judges Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon.

He kicked off his act by taking Alesha's sunglasses and making them disappear. before producing a seemingly never-ending number of cards.

As his grand finale, Junwoo created a box from the cards which revealed Alesha's sunglasses.

Junwoo impressed the judges on BGT
Junwoo impressed the judges on BGT. Picture: ITV

David was quick to praise the act, calling it a ‘whole new way of presenting magic’, while Amanda said he was ‘impeccable’.

Magic fans were quick to guess how he managed to do the clever trick, with one suggesting he was using his sleeves.

They wrote: “Magician needs to use smaller cards so we don't clearly see them in his hand, and make it less glaringly obvious when he's taking more from his sleeves.”

Someone else said: “They’re talking like they’ve never seen magicians do sleight of hands tricks”, while a third added: “Magicians have done this for years, but with doves.”

Alesha Dixon's sunglasses disappeared as part of the trick
Alesha Dixon's sunglasses disappeared as part of the trick. Picture: ITV

Others just couldn’t work out how he managed the trick, with someone else writing: “How do these magicians do it oh my god I swear Junwoo was supernatural.”

Another viewer added: “Magicians on BGT make me question everything including the earth's existence at this point, HOW DO THEY DO IT.”

This comes after Alesha finally pressed her golden buzzer for the last act of the night.

Duo Duo Flintz and Taylor impressed the judge, despite admitting they had never met in person before the audition.

Rapper Flintz explained the pair had met via social media during lockdown and had been doing Instagram lives together.

Alesha Dixon pressed her Golden Buzzer for Flintz and Taylor
Alesha Dixon pressed her Golden Buzzer for Flintz and Taylor. Picture: ITV

After their incredible performance, David said: "I really loved that you had something important to say and a lot of people watching this will relate to that, and they'll take a very positive message away from it, which I think is fantastic."

"It was real and I loved that," Simon told the pair: "It was almost like a scene from a great movie. Everything was just brilliant, even when your voice kind of broke with emotion at the end, it was just an absolutely perfect audition in my opinion."

Alesha added: "Nothing makes me more happy than seeing young musicians.

"You had something to say Flintz, we've had no one on the show like you before which is brilliant. And they say in life, 'Save the best till last!'"