Coronation Street fans spot Claire Peacock actress in The Bay season 2

28 January 2021, 12:02 | Updated: 28 January 2021, 14:29

Claire Peacock actress Julia Haworth is in The Bay
Claire Peacock actress Julia Haworth is in The Bay. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

Is Claire Peacock from Coronation Street in The Bay? Here's what you need to know about actress Julia Haworth.

**Warning The Bay episode two spoilers below**

The Bay has already got us hooked, with DC Lisa Armstrong taking on another dark case in Morecambe.

But while there are some familiar faces returning to season two of the ITV drama, there are also some new characters.

And one woman who was first seen during the second episode is actress Julia Haworth who appears as Becky - the foster mum of troubled teenager Cassie.

Julia Haworth played Claire Peacock in Coronation Street
Julia Haworth played Claire Peacock in Coronation Street. Picture: Shutterstock

But some TV fans might recognise Julia and Claire Peacock from Coronation Street, who she played for eight years.

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While Claire was originally introduced as the new nanny of Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) in 2003, she soon fell in love with the butcher and they ended up getting married.

Some of her bigger storylines include her developing post natal depression after giving birth to their son Freddie and being sectioned for mental health issues.

She also lost her husband Ashley in 2010 when he was killed in the dramatic tram crash storyline to mark the soap’s 50th anniversary.

Julia first appeared on our screens as Miranda Pudsey in Three Seven Eleven and other credits include Heartbeat, Medics, Where the Heart Is, Monarch of the Glen and Peak Practice.

Since leaving Corrie, she has also appeared in The Royals, Doctors and Once a Year on Blackpool Sands.

Back on The Bay, Lisa and Med are getting closer to the truth about who killed Stephen after his traumatised son Oliver Marshbrook (Leo Ashton) revealed a crucial clue about the hitman.

As well as drawing his double-headed eagle tattoo, Oliver mentioned there was a “boy on the bike” who Oliver saw cycle past the house.

This actually turns out to be a troubled 12-year-old girl called Cassie who was forced to collect the murder weapon and cycle away with it.

Viewers have been left wondering who the hitman is and why Cassie is involved.

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