Will Coronation Street's Gary Windass die after Rick Neelan buries him alive?

13 June 2019, 12:31

Is this the end for Gary?
Is this the end for Gary? Picture: ITV

Will Rick Neelan bury Gary alive in Corrie's shock murder plot?

Coronation Street viewers will watch some very dramatic scenes next week when Gary Windass comes face to face with Rick Neelan.

Gary (Mikey North) has already managed to dodge death once after escaping the clutches of loan shark Rick (Greg Wood) when he kidnapped him in his office.

But now the cobbles villain is back and looking for revenge, so will Gary manage to get out alive, or will he fall victim to evil Rick?

Will Gary Windass die?

Gary has been at the centre of a very dramatic storyline in recent weeks following the shock revelation that HE was the person who sabotaged the Underworld factory roof and caused the collapse that killed Rana Habeeb.

Gary Windass is in danger
Gary Windass is in danger. Picture: ITV

In the climax to a week of post-watershed episodes last month, the builder announced he was responsible for Rana’s death while also making Carla Connor (Alison King) believe she was to blame for not fixing the roof.

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And it looks as though karma could be coming back to bite Gary during next week's episodes, when Rick manages to lure him into the woods for a violent showdown.

In pictures released by ITV, Gary can be seen stood in front of a shallow grave before the two men start fighting against each other.

While the mystery death is being kept top secret, it doesn’t look good for Gary, as Rick seemingly overpowers him.

What have the cast said about the murder plot?

Despite Gary finding himself in grave danger, the actor who plays him, Mikey, has teased Weatherfield’s latest bad boy could be sticking around for a while longer.

He told metro.co.uk: “Gary suddenly has a lot more to contend with, he’s fighting for his survival and that’s what makes Gary so dangerous.

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“Everything he’s done was for Sarah so when she turns his back on him he’s got nothing more to lose and that makes him much more dangerous."

He added: “Gary is in deep and he’s effectively fighting for his life. Gary’s not evil, he’s done a very bad thing and he’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life, but is he prepared to go to jail for it?

“Maybe not and now he’s got Rick on his back as well we’ll see Gary come out fighting and I love playing that edge to him. Gary can make very rash decisions and then is forced down a path of no return.”