Coronation Street spoilers: Rick Neelan plots Gary Windass' murder after factory roof revelation

11 June 2019, 12:03

Will this be the end for Gary Windass?
Will this be the end for Gary Windass? Picture: ITV

ITV's Corrie has confirmed another deadly situation for Gary Windass ahead of a murder plot next week.

Coronation Street bosses have revealed Gary Windass will be left fighting for his life next week after villain Rick Neelan makes an evil plan.

During Corrie’s 9pm week last month, viewers watched Rick (Greg Wood) hold Gary (Mikey North) hostage in his office.

But after Gary managed to narrowly escape death when the police turned up, now Rick is back on the cobbles ready for revenge.

And during next week's episodes, things will take a dramatic turn when Rick manages to lure Gary into the woods by pretending to abduct his ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt.

In new pictures released by ITV, Gary can be seen in a woodland looking at a shallow grave. The two men then get into a violent struggle, with Rick seemingly coming out on top.

Straddling him, Rick can be seen on top of Gary and pushing the handle of a space across Gary’s chest. Will he be able to escape his clutches for a second time?

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Well, Corrie’s website reveals: “Rick lures Gary into the woods, but it’s a trap. Gary fights for his life against a much stronger, more prepared Rick… will this be the end for him?”

Will Rick kill Gary on Corrie?
Will Rick kill Gary on Corrie? Picture: ITV

Gary first came face to face with Rick when was forced take out an £11k loan to pay the workers at Jason Grimshaw’s builder’s yard.

However, when Gary couldn’t pay back the money, Rick got him doing dodgy collections for him instead.

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Gary’s ex Sarah Platt - played by Tina O'Brien - didn’t make matters any better when she later stole ex his passport back from Rick's office along with a bunch of passports belonging to his other victims.

This comes after Corrie fans were left shocked last month when Gary was revealed as the soap's new "super villain" responsible for causing the Underworld factory roof collapse which killed Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia).

However, Mikey North - who plays Gary - has since hinted his character may live to fight another day, as he recently revealed: "I don’t think Gary has any intention of being caught for a long time yet and he won’t go down without a fight that’s for sure.

Before adding: “The stakes are high now for Gary and he’s got nothing to lose."

Soap insiders have also claimed the murderer could even become a notorious Corrie villain himself, as they told The Sun: “Gary’s involvement in the Underworld roof collapse was only just the start of his demise.

“He becomes an all-out bad boy after the breakdown of his relationship with Sarah Platt.

“It’s going to cause shockwaves in Weatherfield and have huge implications for Gary.”