Coronation Street viewers spot Sarah Platt’s face mask blunder in social distancing scene

5 August 2020, 14:16

Coronation Street viewers weren't impressed with Sarah Platt
Coronation Street viewers weren't impressed with Sarah Platt. Picture: ITV

Corrie's Sarah Platt broke hospital coronavirus rules when she went to visit Gary Windass.

As filming gets back under way on the set of Coronation Street, ITV bosses have made sure the cast and crew are following strict social distancing rules.

But it looks like the same can’t be said for the characters on screen, as Sarah Platt was slammed for removing her face mask this week.

Sarah (played by Tina O'Brien) tried to get Gary Windass (Mikey North) arrested last week when she found out he killed loan shark Rick Neelan.

Sarah Platt wore her mask when she arrived at the hospital
Sarah Platt wore her mask when she arrived at the hospital. Picture: ITV
Sarah Platt removed her face mask
Sarah Platt removed her face mask. Picture: ITV

However, as Sarah ran out in front of an oncoming car Gary then leapt in front of it, landing himself in hospital.

When Sarah then went to visit her ex-boyfriend to thank him for saving her life, she could be seen wearing a face covering to keep patients protected amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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She then swiftly took it off in the hospital room so that Gary could hear her clearly.

Picking up on the rule break, viewers were quick to blast Sarah and questioned why she took it off in hospital.

“Surely Sarah needs to keep her mask on in the hospital? #Corrie @itvcorrie,” said one person.

Another echoed: "Hold on.... you're supposed to leave your mask ON Sarah, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose."

While a third added: "Somebody want to explain why Sarah would remove her mask INSIDE the hospital?"

There are very strict social distancing rules for anyone visiting hospitals to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The NHS website states visitors need to clean their hands before and after visits, remaining two metres apart, as well as wearing face coverings.

Meanwhile, back on the Cobbles, viewers have seen Gary beg Sarah not to tell anyone about his murderous past.

Sarah is now torn, worried what husband Adam Barlow will do if he finds out.

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