Danny Dyer reveals shock EastEnders death was hidden from cast and ‘the script was censored’ ahead of 35th anniversary

20 February 2020, 11:02

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Danny Dyer has told us even he didn't know which character dies in EastEnders' 35th anniversary episode.

As EastEnders’ 35th anniversary week comes to an end, viewers will finally find out which character will meet their grisly end.

But ahead of Friday’s epic episode, Danny Dyer has now revealed the lengths BBC bosses went to in order to keep the death a secret.

Speaking to us exclusively at Heart.co.uk, the Mick Carter actor said: “They change the characters name in the script and we don’t all get the scripts with all the scenes.

“Some scenes are censored so that we’re all left in the dark, but then the rumour goes round and it’s sort of confirmed.”

He then added: “Basically you just always make sure that the actor or actress is alright and that we’re all there for them.”

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Soap fans will know that Danny’s character Mick is currently fighting for his life after getting caught up in the boat party tragedy.

While trying to save wife Linda from the sinking vessel, things weren’t looking good for the couple as below deck filled with water.

Opening up about filming the tense scenes, Danny revealed it took six weeks to film the dramatic week, describing it as ‘like a Bond film’.

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He said: “You’re in really good hands. It was a little bit daunting because you have to have a divers medical and you have to do this little bit of training to see if you can pop your ears underwater.”

The actor explained he had to spend ten hour days in a giant water tank in Basildon.

“Basically they built a room and it was on this rig and they lowered it into the tank so that’s how the water was rushing in,” he said.

“It was quite exciting to do. Me and Kellie have been working together for seven years so we looked after each other. It’s very believable on screen and that’s the key.”

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