Neighbours fans spot secret tribute to EastEnders as both soaps celebrate 35th anniversary

20 February 2020, 07:36 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 07:49

Neighbours tributes EastEnders
Neighbours tributes EastEnders. Picture: Channel 5/Twitter/BBC

Two soap worlds collided this week as Neighbours referenced EastEnders with a subtle tribute. 

Both EastEnders and Neighbours are celebrating a landmark 35 years on our TV screens with some action-packed storylines. 

The residents of Albert Square are currently caught up in a terrifying boat party crash, with one character set to meet their grisly end. 

Meanwhile, next month Neighbours will air a special week of shows that will include five weddings and a whopping three deaths.

But in a sweet nod to their fellow soap friends, yesterday’s episode of the Aussie programme saw the Waterhole bar advertise a list of Walford themed cocktails.

The drinks menu was made up of ‘Walford Sour', 'Fowler Fizz', 'Slater Colada' and 'Dry Mitchell'.

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What’s more, ‘happy hour’ happened to be the exact time EastEnders airs on BBC, which is 7.30pm - 8pm.

And viewers were quick to spot the subtle detail, with one writing on Twitter: “Did anyone else see the #EastEnders reference in today's #Neighbours? Both soaps are celebrating 35 years & even though I don't watch EastEnders, I hope they to the same for their Aussie counterpart. Nice touch."

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Someone else added: "That's really cool! 😎,” while a third said: "I love that."

This isn’t the first time the soaps have referenced each other, with Neighbours actors celebrating their 30th anniversary by recreating some iconic ‘Enders scenes in their Aussie parody ‘EastErinsborough’. 

Here, Paul Robinson actor Stefan Dennis took on the role of Phil Mitchell, while Kat Slater and Zoe’s ‘you ain’t my muvva’ moment was also captured. 

Jason Donovon also swapped Ramsay Street for Albert Square in another hilarious tribute video which included him being tied up by Babe Smith.

Meanwhile, back on EastEnders, Mick and Linda Carter are in danger of losing their lives during this week’s action packed special episodes. 

Speaking to us exclusively at, actor Danny Dyer revealed that the terrifying boat crash scenes actually took six weeks to film

He said: “Basically they built a room and it was on this rig and they lowered it into the tank of water, so that’s how the water was rushing in, so as it was getting worse and worse it was up to our necks - it was quite exciting to do.”

The 42-year-old added: “It’s very believable on screen and that’s the key.”

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