EastEnders' fans fear deadly twist for Keanu after shock New Years Day shooting

2 January 2020, 08:52 | Updated: 2 January 2020, 08:54

Martin and Linda attempted to fake Keanu’s death during an hour long special of the soap.

The New Years Day drama hit an all time high on EastEnders last night when Martin Fowler and Linda Carter tried to fake Keanu Taylor's death.

It all started when Keanu (Danny Walters) was kidnapped by Martin (James Bye) and taken to an abandoned warehouse on the orders of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

A desperate Martin then took out a gun on him, threatening: "There's not way you're walking out of here - they're making sure of it."

Martin and Keanu ended up in a scuffle
Martin and Keanu ended up in a scuffle. Picture: BBC

But viewers were left on the edge of their seats when Keanu managed to wriggle free from the rope which was tying his hands up, and the pair ended up in a fist fight as they both reached for the gun.

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Unbeknownst to them, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) had fallen asleep in the back of Martin's van after getting drunk, and she stumbled out to see Martin waving a gun.

After trying and failing to get away, Linda screamed: "You can't do this!"

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Martin and Linda faked Keanu's death
Martin and Linda faked Keanu's death. Picture: BBC

To which Martin replied: "Of course I can't, that's why he's still breathing! "I know what they had planned... but now it's not only one witness, it's two."

When Martin then got a text from Ben asking whether it was 'done', Linda suggested they fake Keanu's death.

But things took a turn for the worse when she shot him and accidentally nearly killed him.

Keanu was shot in the shoulder
Keanu was shot in the shoulder. Picture: BBC

Linda then attempted to stop Keanu from bleeding before she directed the mechanic to plead for his life as Martin pretended to shoot at him again.

Later in the episode, Linda told Keanu to disappear forever and he was seen walking to the nearest hospital holding his wound.

While fans were relieved to see Keanu was still alive, the final scenes saw Martin sobbing stood next to a bonfire as he burnt Keanu’s belongings, which left many people wondering whether he went back to finish the job.

Martin was seen crying while burning Keanu's things
Martin was seen crying while burning Keanu's things. Picture: BBC

On Twitter user wrote: “He went back n killed Keanu ... did u see martins face wen Keanu walked away? Then at the burner he threw 2 phones in / a passport and Keanu wallet plus Martin was really upset it’s so obvious Martin killed him.”

Another said: “Maybe keanu is dead after all. I did wonder how Martin got hold of Keanu’s passport.”

While a third pondered: “#EastEnders Did Keanu die on his way to the hospital?”

And a fourth wrote: “If Keanu actually dies I will be heartbroken #EastEnders.”