Did Nick Cotton die in EastEnders?

11 August 2020, 18:13 | Updated: 11 August 2020, 18:16

Nick Cotton died in 2015
Nick Cotton died in 2015. Picture: BBC

When did Nick Cotton die and who killed him? Here's what you need to know about the EastEnders character...

‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton first graced our screens during EastEnders’ very first episode all the way back in February 1985.

Dot Cotton’s troublesome son - played by John Altman - was part of some of the biggest storylines the show has ever seen - including the murder of Reg Cox in episode one.

But after dramatically fleeing Walford more times than we could even begin to count - what happened to Nick Cotton in the end and who killed him? Here’s what we know…

How did Nick Cotton die?

Nasty Nick Cotton’s final storyline started back in 2014 when Charlie Cotton arrived in Walford and told his long lost grandmother Dot that her son was dead.

John Altman was in EastEnders for 30 years
John Altman was in EastEnders for 30 years. Picture: PA Images

But it turned out to be another scam and he showed up seven months later in 2015 very much alive and on the run from the police.

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Dot looked after Nick while he was on the run from a robbery, but Charlie’s fiancé Ronnie Mitchell then bribed him to leave for good.

Furious with this, Nick cut the brakes on Ronnie’s wedding car and she ended up in a coma on her big day.

Despite almost killing Ronnie, Dot didn’t turn her back on her drug addict son and hid him in an abandoned house.

Dotty Gets Arrested on Eastenders

After Nick persuaded his mum to score him some heroin, Dot tried to convince him to confess to the police but he showed no remorse.

Having overdosed on the drugs given by Dot, Nick died in his mum’s arms just after confessing that he did kill Reg Cox 30 years earlier.

He passed away in the same spot Reg himself was found dead in EastEnders’ very first episode back in 1985.

Nick’s dead body was later discovered by Stacey, Martin and Kush during the live 30th anniversary episode.

Despite Charlie trying to protect his grandmother, Dot later confessed to the police and served four months in prison for manslaughter.

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