Does Keegan Butcher-Baker die in EastEnders?

3 December 2021, 09:41

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

What happened to Keegan in EastEnders and did he die?

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EastEnders fans were shocked on Thursday when Keegan Butcher-Baker (Zack Morris) was brutally attacked by a far-right gang led by Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham).

Aaron was revealed as part of the violent gang last month, but he recently promised dad Harvey (Ross Boatman) that he was going to change his ways.

But it looks like he has no intention of doing so after he attacked Keegan (Zack Morris) and left him for dead.

Aaron Munroe's gang attacked Keegan
Aaron Munroe's gang attacked Keegan. Picture: BBC

So, is Keegan dead in EastEnders and what happened to him?

Does Keegan die in EastEnders?

It is not clear whether Keegan dies in EastEnders.

The drama started when Aaron went on a rampage, claiming ‘lefties’ and ‘snowflakes’ are ruining Christmas after the school’s nativity was cancelled.

Keegan overheard Aaron and clarified that missed school work was the reason for the cancellation as pupils missed out due to the pandemic.

Keegan was beaten up by Aaron's gang
Keegan was beaten up by Aaron's gang. Picture: BBC

Later on, Aaron and his friends piled into the Queen Vic and started insulting Isaac and Keegan, before pouring beer at their feet.

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) kicked them out and Keegan left soon after.

As he walked home, he was cornered by Aaron’s friends and Neil (Thomas Coombes) made racist comments.

Then a car pulled up alongside them and attacked Keegan with cricket bats as Aaron watched on.

Keegan was left to die in EastEnders
Keegan was left to die in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

The group of thugs then left Keegan on the floor as they made an escape.

After the brutal assault, one person wrote on Twitter: “#EastEnders I'm scared for Keegan & Isaac! This is sure to end badly!”

Someone else wrote: “That eastenders scene with the racist attack on Keegan is absolutely shocking.”

“Omg poor Keegan #EastEnders,” said another, while a fourth wrote: “#eastenders If Keegan is actually really poorly after that, I think I’ll have to have stress leave.”