EastEnders fans horrified as Mel Owen brutally killed minutes after surviving car explosion

15 November 2019, 10:03 | Updated: 15 November 2019, 10:06

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

EastEnders fans were left in shock after Mel Owen came to a grisly end following an explosive car crash.

Things got very dramatic on EastEnders last night after Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) was involved in a car crash during a pursuit over the father of Sharon Mitchell's baby.

The initial crash saw heavily pregnant Sharon (Letitia Dean) save Mel’s life as she dragged her from the burning car wreck.

Seconds later, the car exploded, with the two women just managing to escape.

Unfortunately, Lisa Fowler’s (Lucy Benjamin) warning that Mel could be suffering from mental health problems was founded as she heard voices form late son Hunter. 

Mel and Sharon survived a car explosion
Mel and Sharon survived a car explosion. Picture: BBC

As Sharon begged Mel to end it, she walked into the road towards the burning car before a lorry came out of nowhere and hit her.

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The tragic scene saw Mel's lifeless body in the road while paramedics covered her with a blanket.

Sharon was then left to break the news to Phil on the phone.

Mel was pronounced dead at the scene
Mel was pronounced dead at the scene. Picture: BBC

And viewers at home were shocked by the storyline, as one wrote on Twitter: “Cannot believe #EastEnders and how they killed Mel off. Watched it at 7:30pm and I’m still thinking about it now. What an amazing actress. Absolutely gobsmacked @mouthwaite”.

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“Didn't see that swerve coming , Mel getting run down by a lorry and killed #Eastenders,” said another. 

While a third added: “Still can’t get over the fact that Mel is dead. You’re performances was outstanding Eastenders won’t be the same without you you’re a total legend going to miss you so much #Eastenders.” 

Despite Mel’s tragic death, the drama is far from over as Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) revealed to Phil (Steve McFadden) that he wasn't the father of Sharon's baby following her affair with Keanu Taylor (Danny Waters).

But after Lisa also accused Sharon of killing Mel, she quickly denied everything. Will her lies finally be exposed?