EastEnders fans say Jade Goody would be 'so proud' as son Bobby makes debut

7 September 2022, 07:34

Bobby Brazier made his EastEnders debut
Bobby Brazier made his EastEnders debut. Picture: BBC/Alamy/Twitter

Viewers of EastEnders have praised Bobby Brazier after he made his debut in Walford as Freddie Slater.

Jade Goody’s son Bobby Brazier made his debut in EastEnders this week as brand new character Freddie Slater.

As the son of Little Mo, Freddie arrived at the market on Tuesday and wasted no time trying to do some haggling at Billy Mitchell's market stall.

He then decided to help himself to some food from Stacey Slater's stall without paying before getting caught for jumping the barrier at the tube station.

Bobby Brazier debuted in EastEnders on Tuesday
Bobby Brazier debuted in EastEnders on Tuesday. Picture: BBC

When Billy later bumped into the teenager again in The Queen Vic, he was about to call the police until Freddie bought him a pint and introduced himself as his son.

“I saw you thieving off the market, we’ve got witnesses. So you sit there like a good little boy while I phone the old bill,” Billy said.

Freddie replied: “Sure, whatever you say. Name’s Freddie by the way. Mo’s kid. I’m your son.”

Fans were quick to praise 18-year-old actor Bobby, as one wrote on Twitter: "Your mum would be so proud of you Bobby."

"Excellent debut for Freddie! That final scene with Billy and Honey, great reveal. How great is Bobby Brazier,” said someone else.

Freddie Slater is the newest EastEnders character
Freddie Slater is the newest EastEnders character. Picture: BBC

A third person wrote: "Aw doesn’t he look like his mum #JadeGoody #EastEnders,” while a fourth added: “Freddie slater… Bobby brazier looks just like his mum jade. She would be proud #EastEnders.”

This comes after Bobby opened up about his new role in the soap, saying he had to get in the mindset of Freddie.

He said: “I’ve been thrown in at the deep end! It was a huge moment for me. I had an emotional scene where I came into the café and I was like, ‘I don’t want bulls*** any more, stop lying to me.’

“There was grief, anger… there was a lot of emotion, Freddie was very overwhelmed. Before we filmed it, I had prepped but I hadn’t got into the emotions.

Bobby Brazier is the son of Jade Goody
Bobby Brazier is the son of Jade Goody. Picture: Alamy

"So I decided to lock myself in my dressing room and get the emotions of Freddie and really understand the feelings of the scene and I feel like I smashed it.”

He added: “I was overwhelmed with emotion to the point where I was shaking. After the scene, Emma and Perry [Fenwick, who plays Billy Mitchell] got up and gave me a big kiss and cuddle. I really appreciated that.”

Bobby is the son of Jeff Brazier and Big Brother icon Jade Goody, who tragically died in 2009 of cervical cancer at the age of 27.