EastEnders star Danielle Harold opens up about leaving Lola Pearce role

26 October 2022, 09:05

Lola Pearce will die in EastEnders
Lola Pearce will die in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Is Lola leaving EastEnders? And what has actress Danielle Harold said about the role?

EastEnders fans will know that Lola Pearce has recently been at the centre of a devastating brain tumour storyline.

The young character caused concern when she was seen collapsing in women's toilets with a seizure and experiencing some sharp head pains.

After Ben called for an ambulance to come to check her out, the doctor decided to do a CT scan and conduct a blood test.

"Look, I'm afraid there's no easy way to say this, but we found something on your scan which concerns us," the doctor explained.

Lola Pearce ends up in hospital in EastEnders
Lola Pearce ends up in hospital in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Lola was then shown a large brain tumor on the scan and broke down, while Jay tried to figure out what they could do.

But is Lola Pearce leaving EastEnders and what do we know about her away from the soap?

Is Lola leaving EastEnders?

Lola will be leaving EastEnders, with BBC bosses confirming the character will be diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

Actress Danielle Harold has played the role of Lola since 2011, when she arrived as Billy Mitchell’s (Perry Fenwick) granddaughter.

Lola Pearce will discover she has a brain tumour on EastEnders
Lola Pearce will discover she has a brain tumour on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

She originally left in 2015, but returned alongside Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and their young daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) four years later in 2019.

Opening up about the heartbreaking storyline, Danielle said: "It means so much to be trusted with a storyline like this – one that’s close to many people’s hearts. Sadly many of our viewers will be able to relate to Lola’s story and it’s been heartbreaking to speak to the families affected by brain tumours and hear their stories.

"They’ve been so amazing in sharing their experiences with me, and I’m so lucky to have them. I wouldn’t be able to do this storyline without their support."

Danielle Harold is leaving the role of Lola Pearce in EastEnders
Danielle Harold is leaving the role of Lola Pearce in EastEnders. Picture: Getty Images

When is Lola leaving EastEnders?

The BBC soap hasn’t confirmed when Lola will leave EastEnders, but she will soon be given the devastating news of her diagnosis.

This comes after Danielle opened up about her love for the show and her future plans at this year's British Soap Awards.

She told the Daily Star: "EastEnders has been such a big part of my life, but I can't wait to start something new. I want to work on other things and play other characters.

“I can't wait to get out there and see what's possible. I'd love to do a drama — something with a beginning, middle and an end to the story.”