EastEnders suffer major blunder as part of the set is visible during Sonia Fowler scene

16 October 2019, 07:58 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:29

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

EastEnders bosses failed to notice a piece of the set was visible during a recent episode.

With so much drama going on in Walford at the moment, we can forgive this latest EastEnders blunder.

If you were watching Friday evening’s instalment, you might have seen the police turn up at Martin Fowler’s house to question him over a string of car thefts.

But while filming the tense scene, it seems as though BBC bosses forgot to take down a piece of the set which was pinned to the wall.

As Sonia Fowler got up to answer the door to the policeman, she walked past a false wooden wall which looked slightly out of place in the family living room.

EastEnders bosses left a piece of the set visible
EastEnders bosses left a piece of the set visible. Picture: BBC
The sign was no longer visible in the next scene
The sign was no longer visible in the next scene. Picture: BBC

The flimsy set had a warning to the crew pinned to it which read: "DO NOT SET AND STRIKE" along with another smaller warning underneath.

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But when Sonia - played by actress Natalie Cassidy - returned with two police officers, the wall was no longer visible.

Meanwhile, Martin (James Bye) has landed himself in hot water after getting involved in Ben Mitchell’s recent scheming in an attempt to get Stacey back in Albert Square.

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The market stall holder returned to Albert Square last week after he and his wife Stacey fled following Phil Mitchell's attack.

Having successfully stolen a car, Ben (Max Bowden) handed Martin the incriminating wrench and he quickly disposed of it.

But when Phil's son then tried to blackmail Martin, he furiously hit out at him in a frenzied attack.

The police later came knocking to ask about the recent car thefts and Martin soon realised it was a warning from Ben.

Forced to come up with an alibi, Martin denied ever leaving the house except to get some chocolate, to which the policeman asked: "Can anyone vouch for that?"

Sonia quickly replied: "I can. He went out just for those few minutes. Can't get rid of him."

However, once the officers had gone, she asked: "Did I just give you a false alibi?"