EastEnders Whitney Dean and Leo King spoilers: What to expect ahead of terrifying attic twist

4 February 2020, 11:39 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 11:45

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Whitney Dean's life is in danger as Leo King emerges from the attic...

EastEnders’ Whitney Dean has had a tough few months in Albert Square thanks to stalker Leo King.

As she struggles to escape her past, Whitney (Shona McGarty), is set to come face-to-face with her abuser Tony’s son Leo (Tom Wells), when she discovers he has been secretly spying on her.

But what happens between Whitney and Leo and will one of them end up dead?

What happens with Whitney and Leo?

Whitney has been left terrified of sinister Leo after it was revealed he is the young son of paedophile Tony (Chris Coghill).

Whitney finds Dot's house has been turned upside down
Whitney finds Dot's house has been turned upside down. Picture: BBC

And despite recently falling out of a balcony, Leo isn’t giving up on Whitney just yet and has continued to stalk her in an attempt to make her confess to lying about Tony — even though she’s telling the truth.

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But things are set to get even worse for Whitney as a series of terrifying events happen at her house.

Viewers will know by then Leo is currently lurking in the loft, and overhears his ex-girlfriend telling Kat Moon about a letter from Tony King which she kept.

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This leads him to sneak down from his hiding place and grab the letter, turning Dot’s (June Brown) house upside down in the process.

Whitney later arrives home to find the place a mess and contacts the police immediately.

While Kat tells the police Leo is definitely behind it, he hides in Dot’s room.

As the girls decide to take their mind off things by going to The Queen Vic’s boat party, Whitney goes into her room only to find her stalker lurking there.

Will Leo kill Whitney?

When the pair come face-to-face, Leo reveals his hatred for her and Whitney is left in danger.

With Leo determined to get revenge on behalf of his dad, someone will be left with blood on their hands. Who will survive?