Who is Callum’s nan Violet in EastEnders and what else has Gwen Taylor been in?

4 May 2021, 09:09

Callum’s nan Violet in EastEnders
Callum’s nan Violet in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

How old is Violet in EastEnders and who plays her? Here's what we know about Callum's nan...

Violet Highway arrived in EastEnders ahead of Callum (Tony Clay) and Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) wedding.

Her character was described as ‘straight-talking and has no qualms about putting people in their place’.

But who is Callum’s nan and who plays her? Here’s what we know about Gwen Taylor...

Who is Callum’s nan Violet in EastEnders?

Callum’s nan Violet has joined EastEnders as part of the Highway family.

She has seemingly spent a lot of time with Callum in the past and is close with her grandson, however she isn’t over the moon about his wedding.

Gwen Taylor is playing Violet on EastEnders
Gwen Taylor is playing Violet on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

"She's very much stuck on Callum's previous ill-fated wedding with Whitney and doesn’t let them forget it," actress Gwen Taylor said.

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"She likes to get a dig in but she also wants to make sure that Callum is going to be alright and not get hurt too. Vi's not totally okay with their relationship but she's accepting it because Callum seems happy.

"She does make comments about them, but she softens it a bit to not be completely harsh."

The actress has also described her character as an ‘interloper’ who always asks silly questions and ‘keeps putting her foot in it’.

What else has Gwen Taylor been in?

Gwen Taylor is 82-years-old and has starred in many shows over the years.

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Her credits include playing Amy Pearce in Duty Free, as well as Barbara Liversidge in the sitcom Barbara.

She also starred in Heartbeat as Peggy Armstrong between 2005–2009 and Coronation Street fans might recognise her for playing Anne Foster between 2011–2012.

Other shows include Doctors, Midsomer Murders and Inspector Morse, while her film appearances include Monty Python's Life of Brian and The Lady in the Van.

Speaking about her latest role, Gwen said: "I feel a bit like my mum playing Vi.

"She always had to get her questions in and say her bit just in case she got cut out, so I think I like that about Vi."

She went on to say she absolutely loves working with Callum and Ben actors Tony Clay and Max Bowden, adding: "I think I might be in love with them all! I want to wrap them up and take them home, they have been so sweet and kind – so understanding of an ancient lady that's new to it all."

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