Who did Molly Conlin play in EastEnders and where is she now?

15 February 2022, 09:49

Molly Conlin played Dotty in EastEnders
Molly Conlin played Dotty in EastEnders. Picture: Instagram

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How old is Molly Conlin and when did she star in EastEnders? Everything you need to know about the soap star...

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EastEnders fans might remember Molly Conlin starred in the soap all the way back 2008.

The actress was first cast when she was seven years old and appeared for two years before being replaced.

But who did Molly play in EastEnders and what else has she been in? Here’s what we know…

Molly Conlin played Dotty Cotton on EastEnders
Molly Conlin played Dotty Cotton on EastEnders. Picture: Instagram

Who did Molly Conlin play in EastEnders?

Molly played Dotty Cotton in EastEnders from 2008-2010 after being cast when she was just seven-years-old.

Speaking about her first big acting role at the time, Molly told Daily Gazette: "I'm really excited about it because I have always wanted to be in Eastenders.”

She first arrived on Christmas Day, when her dad Nasty Nick (John Altman) rocked up out of nowhere.

Dotty quickly developed a bond with her grandma Dot (June Brown), but it turned out she was plotting with her father and they planned to steal Dot’s money.

Molly Conlin starred alongside John Altman on EastEnders
Molly Conlin starred alongside John Altman on EastEnders. Picture: Alamy

After two years on the show, she left in 2010 and her role was recast nine years later, now played by Milly Zero.

Speaking of the change in actress, Molly said at the time: “They did approach me, unfortunately they wanted the new Dotty to go back and appear a lot older and be played by someone in their 20s.

"Of course I would have loved to have returned to EastEnders, but I believe everything happens for a reason."

Molly first auditioned for the role of Tiffany Dean, but she was considered too old and Maisie Smith was hired instead.

Where is Molly Conlin now?

Molly is now an Instagram influencer and has over 25k followers on social media.

As well as EastEnders, Molly has appeared on TV shows since she was just three-years-old.

Her other credits include Little Miss Jocelyn (2004), The Omid Djalili Show (2007), Thank God You're Here (2008), Horrible Histories (2012) and Blandings (2013).