Emmerdale viewers baffled over April’s ‘lightening fast’ disappearance in soap blunder

5 February 2020, 12:33

Emmerdale fans were confused when April vanished from the Dales.

There was a shock in store for the residents of Emmerdale on Tuesday night, as April Windsor ran away from home.

The schoolgirl was in David's shop when she realised her family had been lying to her about visiting her dad Marlon Dingle in prison.

The Dingles had previously tried to protect April by telling her children weren't allowed, but when Eric Pollard accidentally let slip this was untrue, she furiously stormed out of the shop.

Just seconds later, April was nowhere to be seen as her family frantically searched the area.

April was devastated to find out she had been lied to
April was devastated to find out she had been lied to. Picture: ITV

And viewers were left baffled by the scene, with many questioning how she managed to get away so quickly.

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"April's giving Sonic a run for his money, she must have literally ran at the speed of sound when she got out of that shop," one person wrote on Twitter.

Another said: "Jeez, did April sprout wings there. How could she have disappeared in about 1.2 seconds."

While a third commented: “April must be usain bolt the quickness she scarpered.”

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And a fourth said: "How fast is April? She left the shop and 2 seconds later, she couldn’t be found lol".

Later in the programme, Lisa and Bob were seen finally calling the police as the family discussed who would have to tell Marlon about his daughter.

When Lisa then went to visit him in prison, Marlon was horrified as he discovered April had disappeared and exploded in the visiting room.

He shouted: "My daughter is missing. I can’t sit here doing nothing."

As he was taken away by the prison security, he said: "I need to get to April. I need to find my baby."

At the end of the episode, the heartbroken schoolgirl was seen freezing next to a tree in the pitch black. Let’s hope she’s found safe and sound before it's too late.