How old is Amba Metcalfe in Emmerdale and who plays her?

16 December 2021, 08:15

Amba Metcalfe is played by Ava Jayasinghe in Emmerdale
Amba Metcalfe is played by Ava Jayasinghe in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

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What is Amba Metcalfe's age and who is she played by? Everything we know about the Emmerdale star...

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Priya Sharma‘s daughter, Amba Metcalfe returned to Emmerdale last month after a while away.

The little one has been part of some tough storylines over the past few weeks, including her mum abandoning her.

During Amba's carol service, Priya became anxious before stumbling back home alone and leaving her daughter in danger.

But who plays Amba and how old is she?

Priya and her daughter Amba in Emmerdale
Priya and her daughter Amba in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

How old is Amba Metcalfe in Emmerdale?

Amba, who is the daughter of Priya Sharma and David Metcalfe, was born in May 2014, which makes her seven-years-old.

Priya actress Fiona Wade recently opened up about a storyline involving her daughter where she left her alone at the Christmas market after having a panic attack.

She told Digital Spy: "I always think your fears are greater than the reality and to an extent they are, but in her head everything she fears comes true at the moment.

Ava Jayasinghe has played Amba in Emmerdale since 2014
Ava Jayasinghe has played Amba in Emmerdale since 2014. Picture: ITV

"All the fears of people, crowds, seeing people, are people going to pity her, what will they say, what is she going to say, she's not ready at all.

"But she goes and it's a carol concert but it's also Christmas market so there's food everywhere and everywhere she looks it's magnified to her so the food stall, the cake stalls, Christmas things, people coming up to her.

“It's all too much, it's like a blur and then Amba's there and she wants to be there for Amba but she's in her own head and in her own pain and it all just gets too much."

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Who plays Amba in Emmerdale?

After leaving the Dales for a few weeks, fans of the show were convinced she had been recast.

However, she has been played by actress Ava Jayasinghe since 2014.

Since the pandemic, filming restrictions were put in place so the number of actors on set was limited.

This meant that Ava didn’t appear on the soap for a while as children require a chaperone with them.