Emmerdale to kill off eight main characters in explosive anniversary scenes

19 October 2022, 08:42

James Hooton shares BTS look of Sam Dingle stunt on Emmerdale

Does Vinny die in Emmerdale and is Liv dead? Here's what we know about the anniversary episode...

Emmerdale viewers are gripped to their seats this week as the villagers are plunged into a storm.

Unfortunately, Harriet Finch, played by Katherine Dow Blyton, has already died after falling from her quad bike and being caught up in an explosion.

But apparently, another seven or eight main characters could face the same fate over the next few days.

As the drama reaches an all time high during the epic 50th anniversary episode on Saturday, director Tim O’Mara has said things will get even worse.

Harriet Finch was killed in Emmerdale
Harriet Finch was killed in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

He said: “No one is safe. There’s a possibility of eight or nine characters not being around for very long.

“We do go to the hospital on a number of visits, a number of people hurt by debris flying around the village, there are accidents in the woods, trees falling on people.

“There are massive accidents at the farm which might attract the attention of one or two characters.

“And there’s a massive problem in the village that will involve two of the other characters.

"Plus there’s some stunts in the woods nearby.

“And of course, there’s a wedding. So when you mix all of that up, all these ingredients, it’s going to be sensational.

Vinny and Liv were left in danger in Emmerdale
Vinny and Liv were left in danger in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

He added: “No one is safe.”

Who will die in Emmerdale this week?

We don’t know exactly who will die, but fans of the soap have already seenKim Tate, portrayed by Claire King, survive after falling from her horse and hitting her head on a rock in the storm.

James Hooton's Sam Dingle was also caught up in a herd of stampeding cows and fell onto the spikes of a digger.

Liv and Vinny Dingle have also been left in danger after they were crushed by a caravan on Tuesday evening.

After Chas Dingle ended up in hospital after being hit with debris during the storm, Liv agreed to go with husband Vinny to The Woolpack to look after Paddy’s daughter Eve.

As the wind picked up, Vinny pointed out that they should go back but Liv insisted they continue.

Vinny lost his scarf and as he ran after it a caravan came loose and flew over towards him and crushed the couple.