Emmerdale’s Nate finally revealed as Cain’s son - but fans are predicting another Dingle twist

23 October 2019, 15:04 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:26

It was revealed that Nate Robinson is Cain Dingle's secret son on Emmerdale last night.

Emmerdale fans were left shocked last night when it was finally revealed who Nate Robinson really is.

In a dramatic hour-long episode of the ITV soap, Nate - played by actor Jurell Carter - told Cain he was his biological son during a vicious fight.

After he was confronted over his affair with Moira, Nate told Cain: "Your missus is bored of your boring life and your boring marriage. That's why he's going behind your back with me.

"In the caravan, the barn, in your bed while you were in Scotland. Last night, all night. The sex was the best she's ever had, obviously."

Cain and Nate got into a vicious fight last night
Cain and Nate got into a vicious fight last night. Picture: ITV

Later he screamed: "Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.

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"You see me now - Dad? You must have known that I'd come for you one day. I'm your son."

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, Moira was then sent flying into the lake.

But despite the truth seemingly coming out, now fans are predicting another twist in the story - with many claiming Nate isn’t Cain’s son after all.

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Instead, they think Nate is actually Faith’s son, making Cain his half-brother instead.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “I bet Nate has his facts wrong and it turns out Cain is his half brother and Faith is actually his mother.“

Another said: “I think he's actually Faiths son because she looked very shocked by a photo she found in Nates caravan.”

While a third added: “Nate will not actually be Cain’s son!!! Come on, it’s far too predictable and obvious. He might believe Cain is his dad but he won’t be. Faith is his mum, that’s why she looked so horrified in the caravan, she found something #Emmerdale.”

And a fourth agreed: “I think Nate believes he’s Cain’s son but he might actually be Faith’s. Her face at the end pretty much revealed something much darker #Emmerdale.”