Who was Pete Barton’s brother Finn and how did he die in Emmerdale?

5 February 2020, 13:36

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Who was Finn Barton in Emmerdale? Here's everything you need to know...

Pete Barton is getting ready to leave Emmerdale next week as actor Anthony Quinlan leaves his role after seven years.

The character has been struggling with ghosts from his past, and admitted that he is starting to feel lost in the village without his family, particularly his little brother, Finn.

But who was Finn Barton and how did he die in Emmerdale? Here's everything you need to know...

But who was Emmerdale's Finn Barton and how did he die?

Back in 2017, Emmerdale aired a particularly dark episode which saw Finn - played by Joe Gill - accidentally shot in the woods by his mother, Emma (Gillian Kearney).

Finn died in hospital back in 2017
Finn died in hospital back in 2017. Picture: ITV

The murderer had been chased by love rival Moira's son Adam into the woods and, when she picked up his gun, fired it into the woods.

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Finn was accidentally hit, but no one knew he was there.

He eventually managed to flag down Harriet and Cain's car and they rushed him to the hospital.

But Finn failed to gain consciousness and ended up having to be resuscitated, before eventually dying from his injuries.

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Finn and Pete's mum also killed her husband James Barton after taking him hostage, but she was eventually killed herself by Moira.

Anthony Quinlan is leaving Emmerdale
Anthony Quinlan is leaving Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

When is Pete Barton leaving Emmerdale?

Pete is leaving the ITV soap next week after six years, having made his first appearance in December 2013.

Why is Pete Barton leaving Emmerdale?

Pete has been struggling in the village since taking up a new position at Wylie's Farm, which is where his mum Emma held James hostage before his death.

The character is also feeling like a third wheel as Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) begin a new romance.

He finally makes a decision to leave the village and is seen being waved off by Cain, Sarah, Matty, Leyla, and Liv.

Is Pete Barton returning to Emmerdale?

Anthony’s character will be given a low-key exit so the door is open for him to return.