Friends: The Reunion: 13 things we learnt from the special episode

27 May 2021, 15:13 | Updated: 27 May 2021, 15:45

Ross and Rachel's first kiss in Friends
Ross and Rachel's first kiss in Friends. Picture: Netflix

By Emma Clarke

Friends: The Reunion has officially landed - so get the tissues ready!

Seventeen years on from 'The Last One', the cast of Friends have reunited for a special, one-off episode for HBO Max.

Rather than being a continuation of the story, however, the reunion reveals funny anecdotes, moving moments and behind-the-scenes shots.

Basically, if you don't cry at least ten times, are you even a fan tho?

Here we take a look at some of the key takeaways and things we learnt from the Friends reunion.

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1. Ross and Rachel were on a break

The entire cast were in agreement on this one and have finally put that argument to bed (we hope).

2. Matt Le Blanc is *the* biggest Friends fan

One of the sweetest things about the reunion episode was that we discovered Matt Le Blanc, who played Joey Tribbiani in the show, is the sit-com's biggest fan.

Not only did he remember his own character's scenes, but he literally reeled off trivia and storylines involving his cast mates. Adorable!

Though, we should also note that he didn't remember Monica's apartment was purple (duh).


3. David Schwimmer completely forgot about the ball throwing episode


4. We still have no clue what Chandler did for a living

Re-enacting 'The One With The Embryos', the gang - including Lisa Kudrow this time - put their Friends knowledge to the test in the ultimate quiz.


5. Monica and Chandler got together because of the fans

The show's creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, revealed that the relationship budded from the fans' desire to see them get together - and thank goodness they listened!

6. Joey had a picture of Ross/David under his dressing gown

So that's what was under there!


7. Janice's iconic laugh was not planned

It's no secret that Maggie Wheeler put on Janice's heavy New York accent in her audition to bag the role. But according to the star, she came up with her character's laugh on the spot, because Matthew Perry made her laugh too much during scenes.

8. Matt Le Blanc dislocated his arm on set

And it looked/sounded incredibly painful!


9. Lisa Kudrow has the cookie jar

And Jennifer Aniston took a neon coffee mug from the set.

10. A follow-up episode/Friends movie is not on the cards

Reiterating David Crane and Marta Kauffman's point, Lisa Kudrow said that they were all happy with how things ended with the show, and that to create a follow-up episode or movie would unravel the story. And we have to agree!


11. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer fancied each other IRL

Well. Then.

This was perhaps the biggest revelation of all - and one that has sent fans into meltdown.

12. ...and they used to spoon in between scenes

According to the rest of the cast, everyone was fully aware they had a crush on each other at the time.


13. Friends is the greatest TV show

Could we *be* any more obvious?!

You can stream Friends: The Reunion in the UK on NOW TV from today (May 27)

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