Who is Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford’s girlfriend?

5 October 2020, 09:12 | Updated: 14 October 2020, 10:29

Pete from Gogglebox has shared a photo with his girlfriend
Pete from Gogglebox has shared a photo with his girlfriend. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

Does Pete from Gogglebox have a girlfriend and who is she?

Sophie and Pete Sandiford have been brightening up our Friday evenings of Gogglebox for the past two years.

But while the brother and sister from Blackpool are constantly making viewers laugh with their one liners, they rarely share details about their private lives.

Well, that is until Pete revealed he has a long term girlfriend on Instagram in October.

So, who is Gogglebox’s Pete’s girlfriend and how long have they been together? Here’s what we know…

Pete and Sophie have been on Gogglebox since 2018
Pete and Sophie have been on Gogglebox since 2018. Picture: Instagram

Who is Gogglebox star Pete’s girlfriend?

Pete Sandiford, 26, shared the very first photo of his girlfriend on Instagram on Saturday (October 3).

In the snap, the pair can be seen cuddling up to one another while both smiling at the camera.

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Pete wrote alongside it: “My Mrs and best mate what more could I ask for 🥰, don’t worry @sophiesandiford1 you are a close second best friend 😂.”

Confirming the pair have been together for quite some time, long before the coronavirus lockdown, Pete added: “This was taken last year FYI.”

Younger sister Sophie, 24, was quick to comment, writing: “Love you guys so much😭💙💓 @paigeyeomans_ @sandifordpete.”

While we don’t know much about Pete’s girlfriend, we do know that her name is Paige Yeomans.

Her social media is private, however according to her LinkedIn, she works as an Emergency Service Call Handle.

It also states she attended Queen Mary University of London where she studied English language and linguistics.

Fans have been quick to comment on the sweet tribute, with one writing: “💙💖 love you both! Gorgeous pic! @sandifordpete @paigeyeomans_ 😘”

“Lucky girl - imagine being with somebody this happy and funny! ❤️,” said another, while a third added: “Wow. What a stunner! 😍 Your mrs ain’t bad either 😂”

Meanwhile, this is the first time Pete has opened up about his relationship status.

Sister Sophie is also coy when it comes to her romances, but her uncle - who also happens to be Chuckle Brother Paul Elliott - recently speculated that she might have a boyfriend.

Earlier this year, Sophie shared a photo of her and a friend on a night out, along with the caption: “Wine with my hun.”

Paul was quick to comment on the snap, writing: “Hun? We didn’t know you’d got a hun?”

Sophie then replied: “He’s not my boyfriend uncle Paul, he’s my friend from work.”

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