Inside Gogglebox star Ellie Warner's surprise pregnancy with boyfriend Nat Eddleston

12 December 2022, 09:42

Ellie Warner reveals she's pregnant on Gogglebox

Is Ellie Warner pregnant? And who is her boyfriend Nat? Everything you need to know about the announcement...

Gogglebox fans were shocked last week when Ellie Warner announced she is expecting a baby.

The reality star has been on the show alongside her sister Izzi since 2015 and was briefly joined on the sofa by boyfriend Nat during the coronavirus outbreak.

And while the girls have had many milestones over the past seven years, now they are celebrating a new member of the family.

Here’s everything we know…

Ellie Warner announced her pregnancy on Gogglebox
Ellie Warner announced her pregnancy on Gogglebox. Picture: Instagram

Is Ellie Warner pregnant?

Ellie Warner is pregnant and casually shared the news on Gogglebox on 9th December.

Showing a picture of her ultrasound scan to Izzi, she said: “So I went for a scan on Saturday. It looks like a jellied alien!”

"When I showed mum the picture, she said 'Oh can I take a picture?' and you didn't even look at it for two minutes.”

To which Izzie responded: "I did! I told you where the things were, I'll stare at it a bit longer just to make you happy."

Fans were quick to congratulate them, with one person writing on Twitter: “Congratulations to Ellie and Nat…what an exciting way to end the year.”

Ellie Warner has been with her boyfriend Nat for four years
Ellie Warner has been with her boyfriend Nat for four years. Picture: Instagram

“Congratulations Ellie on the news of your pregnancy, couldn’t believe it when I saw tonight’s episode. Aunty Izzi is going to be amazing just like you!,” said another.

Who is Ellie Warner’s boyfriend?

Ellie’s boyfriend is Nat Eddleston who she has been with for a few years now, first mentioning him back in 2018.

Speaking to The Sun Online on the red carpet at the National Television Awards in 2018, Ellie and her sister Izzi said: "We've both got boyfriends. They're in hiding, they let us have the limelight."

We don’t know very much about Nat, other than the fact he’s from Leeds and seemingly lives with Ellie.

Ellie has previously joked about the pair getting a ‘shotgun’ wedding while on the phone to him.

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