This Morning's Holly Willoughby collapses to the floor in unaired moment

7 February 2023, 10:59 | Updated: 7 February 2023, 11:35

Holly Willoughby falls over on This Morning while trying to demonstrate trick

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Viewers were left in hysterics when Holly Willoughby ended up falling to the floor during the advert break.

This Morning turned very chaotic this week when Holly Willoughby accidentally fell over during the ad break.

The TV presenter was left red-faced after she attempted her party trick and threw her leg in the air, but ended up collapsing on the fall instead.

Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield were discussing Alison Hammond's star-studded birthday bash over the weekend, which Holly attended.

Phillip said: "Do you know what I'm loving? What I'm loving is that as a team here, gradually stories bit by bit, by bit are leaking out over Alison Hammond's party on Saturday night."

Holly Willoughby ended up on the floor during This Morning
Holly Willoughby ended up on the floor during This Morning. Picture: ITV

He added: "Loads of the team went. The photos are unbelievable and gradually, people are going, 'Oh my God, I did, didn't I?’"

While telling stories from the big night, Holly explained: “There was one performance of the night where there was a dance troupe there and they did, what I've just discovered is called the death drop.

“One leg goes up and then bang you land in the splits. I may have just tried to reenact it. I might have slipped.”

She added: “I buckled under the weight. My knee went. It was quite an elegant fall, I didn't show anything.”

Phillip then joked: "No you didn't flash your knickers."

Holly Willoughby attended Alison Hammond's birthday party
Holly Willoughby attended Alison Hammond's birthday party. Picture: Instagram

Despite the hilarious moment taking place during the break, luckily the cameras caught everything and Phillip took great pleasure in showing viewers what happened.

Phillip later went on to explain why he couldn’t attend Alison's birthday, as he said: “It was [my daughter] Ruby's birthday and she had a massive birthday party so I missed out on the party, but that was lovely to go to too and she had a ball.”

Other celebrity guests that attended the party were the likes of Carol Voderman, Dermott O’Leary and Gok Wan was even in the DJ booth.

After a fun-filled night, the lucky guests even got to take home their own goody bags which Holly revealed included a bottle of baileys and a chocolate orange.

Meanwhile, the party was also shared with Alison’s son Aiden who turned 18 over the weekend.

Paying tribute to Aiden, Alison wrote: "The big deal for me is the fact that my son, Aiden, is 18 on Sunday. Born on my birthday 18 years ago and I just can't get my breathe that Aiden is 18, I just can't believe it, he's going to be an adult on Sunday.

"My little baby and you guys have seen the whole journey, obviously I brought him on This Morning when he was teeny tiny, literally about three weeks old, I brought him onto the show. And now he's 18. Unbelievable."

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