Hollyoaks spoilers: Viewers devastated as Jesse dies on his wedding day in shock scenes

22 January 2020, 11:54

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Soap favourite Jesse Donovan met his tragic end just hours after saying his vows.

Hollyoaks fans were horrified as the lovable hairdresser was pronounced dead in the street after a night of boozing.

Jesse Donovan couldn’t wait to marry Courtney (Amy Conachan), but his big day was ruined when he found out that his sister Grace Black and James Nightingale shot Mercedes.

While he agreed not to tell the police, Jesse (Luke Jerdy) threatened to tell Sylver (David Tag) what his sister had done.

Conflicted over what to do, he hit the bottle in the club and ended up collapsing in the centre of the village.

When Martin (Kelle Bryan) and Mitchell (Imran Adams) found him, they began CPR and were quickly followed by an ambulance.

Jesse Donovan was pronounced dead at the scene
Jesse Donovan was pronounced dead at the scene. Picture: E4

Unfortunately, it was no good and he died at the scene, with Grace breaking down as she came across her brother’s lifeless body.

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While Courtney became worried about her husband’s whereabouts, Grace arrived and broke the news that Jesse had died.

Following the devastating first look episode, fans of the show took to Twitter, with one writing: “Please tell me this is some sort of twisted here Jesse was one of the good guys the reasonable person and this is unacceptable he didn't deserve this at all."

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Another agreed: "This was so unexpected 😭😭😭."

While a third added: “Jesse and Courtney finally get their happy ending and you do this! My poor heart. 😭😭😭😭"

After his shock exit, Jesse actor Luke has spoken out about leaving Hollyoaks.

He told Digital Spy: "I feel very sad! It's weird, really, as I've been in the show for four years. When you know you're going to be leaving, you know the date when you'll be filming your final scenes but then it creeps up on you.”

Speaking about viewers reactions, he added: “Jesse's death came out of nowhere and he's not a big drinker, really. After getting together with Courtney and adopting Iona, it's been nights in front of the TV. It's not like it's been coming for a while.

"I think it'll be a shock that it ends that way for Jesse. He's a fun, loveable character so it'll be sad."

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