How many people can win Squid Game?

2 October 2021, 08:00 | Updated: 8 October 2021, 16:20

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Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Does only one person win the games or can multiple winners share the prize money? Here's what we know...

Squid Game is probably the most binge-worthy show we've seen all year, and we aren't ashamed to say we polished off all nine episodes in one day.

The Korean-language Netflix thriller centres around a cash-strapped and debt-written man named Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae), who responds to a mysterious invitation to take part in some games that promise 45.6 billion won (£28 million) to the winner.

Gi-hun and the 455 other players quickly discover, however, that the games have a deadly twist - and each person who is 'eliminated' is also killed...

The show is reminiscent of the Hunger Games, which sees a group of teens fight to the death until there is one victor, and many viewers have been wondering whether there is also only one winner allowed in Squid Game.

Here's what we know...

There are 456 players competing in the games
There are 456 players competing in the games. Picture: Netflix

How many people can win Squid Game?

While it is never explicitly stated, it is implied that more than one person can win the games.

It is possible to play the final round - Squid Game - in teams, meaning that there could theoretically be multiple winners if enough people made it that far.

The Squid Game players take part in versions of six children's games
The Squid Game players take part in versions of six children's games. Picture: Netflix

The players are also seen discussing their hopes that they will win together in their groups and share the prize money between them.

In the series, however, there is only one victor in the games - and Gi-hun takes home all of the cash prize.

In a flash-forward at the end of the series, it is shown that he hasn't spent any of the money - but he eventually gives half to Sang Woo's mum, and uses some to buy a plane ticket to the US to see his daughter.

How can I watch Squid Game?

All nine episodes are available to watch on Netflix now.

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