What are the games in Squid Game and how many are there?

9 October 2021, 15:14

What are the games on Squid Game?
What are the games on Squid Game? Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Netflix series Squid Game sees players compete in a number of children's games to win large sums of money.

Squid Game has received rave reviews from viewers and critics since it arrived on Netflix in September, and we're absolutely obsessed with the series.

The Korean-language thriller follows a group of debt-ridden strangers who agree to take part in a mysterious game that promises a huge cash prize.

In the first round, however, the contestants find out that there are deadly consequences for those who lose the games.

If you're just getting started on the show and are wondering how many nail-biting games there are, we've got the lowdown.

**Warning: contains spoilers for Squid Game season one**

Squid Game sees 456 contestants compete to win huge sums of money
Squid Game sees 456 contestants compete to win huge sums of money. Picture: Netflix

Squid Game promo reveals behind-the-scenes of the glass bridge game

How many games are there in Squid Game?

There are six games that the contestants have to compete in, which are all based on popular children's games.

The first is Red Light Green Light, which is a popular kids' game in many countries.

In Squid Game, those who are caught moving during 'red light' are shot.

The second game they play involves trying to cut a shape - either a circle, triangle, star or umbrella - out of a honeycomb. Those who break their shape are killed.

In the third game, the contestants are told to get into teams of 10 - without being told what the game is. After they are in their teams, they are told they will be playing tug of war - with the losing team in each round falling to their deaths.

For the fourth game, the players are told to get into pairs - again, without being told what they will be doing. After many of them pair up with an ally, they are told that they will play a game of their choice with marbles, with the loser being killed.

One of the games sees contestants cut shapes out of honeycomb
One of the games sees contestants cut shapes out of honeycomb. Picture: Netflix

The fifth game sees the players select a number between 1 and 16, and they are then told they will be crossing a bridge in that order.

The catch, though, is that each player must jump on one of two glass panels that the bridge is made up of - but only one is strong enough to hold them. Therefore, those who cross the bridge early in the game fall to their death after jumping on the wrong panel.

The sixth and final game is 'Squid Game', which Gi-Hun and Sang Woo are shown playing as kids at the start of the show.

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