What happened to policeman Jun-ho's brother in Squid Game?

3 October 2021, 14:44

Find out what happened to policeman Jun-ho's brother
Find out what happened to policeman Jun-ho's brother. Picture: Netflix

Squid Game twist: what became of Jun-ho's brother? Find out shock revelation we discover at the end of the series.

It's been almost a week since we polished off every episode of Squid Game, but that doesn't mean we aren't still reeling from *that* shock ending.

The Korean-language thriller, which is on track to become the biggest Netflix series of all time, follows a group of cash-strapped and debt-ridden people who sign up to play a series of deadly children's games in the hope of winning the 45.6 billion won (£28 million) cash prize.

The nine-part series has shot up the Netflix charts since it dropped on September 17, and it has proved hugely popular with viewers and critics alike.

Jun-ho goes on a mission to find his brother
Jun-ho goes on a mission to find his brother. Picture: Netflix

While the show predominantly followed Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) and the rest of the players, a side storyline saw policeman Hwang Jun-ho go undercover as a guard to try and find his brother, Hwang In-ho.

Here's your need-to-know about what happened to him...

**Warning: major spoilers ahead**

What happened to Jun-ho's brother?

Policeman Hawng Jun-ho is introduced to the show when he overhears Gi-hun telling his colleague about the games.

While the rest of the police don't believe Gi-hun's story, Jun-ho recognises the invitation card - as he had seen the same one in his brother's room before he went missing.

Jun-ho's brother was unmasked as The Front Man
Jun-ho's brother was unmasked as The Front Man. Picture: Netflix

Jun-ho then tails Gi-hun when he returns to the games, and kills one of the guards to use his outfit to disguise himself and go undercover.

Throughout the series, Jun-ho goes to great lengths to find out what happened to his brother - and it's revealed that he previously donated a kidney to Jun-ho.

When searching through the Squid Game archives, Jun-ho discovers that his brother previously won the games in 2015.

After collecting his evidence and escaping from the island, Jun-ho is caught by Front Man - who is shockingly unmasked as his brother.

Front Man then shoots Jun-ho in the shoulder, and he falls into the ocean. Viewers don't know for sure if Jun-ho was killed, however, and it's possible that he managed to escape.

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