Squid Game Halloween costume UK: where to buy the tracksuits and guard outfits

7 October 2021, 15:38

Where to buy Squid Game Halloween costumes in the UK
Where to buy Squid Game Halloween costumes in the UK. Picture: Netflix

Where can you buy Squid Game Halloween costumes in the UK? Find out how to dress as the guards, contestants, and Front Man...

Halloween is fast-approaching, and we're willing to bet a huge chunk of us will be dressing up as our favourite Squid Game characters.

The Korean-language Netflix show has proved a massive hit since it dropped last month, and it's now on track to become the streaming service's biggest TV show ever.

It tells the story of a group of debt-ridden strangers, who agree to take part in some terrifying and deadly games in the hopes of winning the equivalent of £38 million cash.

Whether you're dressing up as a contestant or guard this Halloween, here's where you can buy the outfits...

Squid Game contestant Halloween costume

Amazon have a selection of Squid Game contestant outfits
Amazon have a selection of Squid Game contestant outfits. Picture: Amazon

If you fancy donning the iconic tracksuit and dressing as an unfortunate contestant of the games, Amazon have a good selection of outfits.

For £33.99, you can buy the t-shirt, jacket, and trousers - and even decide which of the main characters' numbers you'd like to wear.

Click here to buy

Squid Game Guard Halloween costume

Squid Game guard costume
Squid Game guard costume. Picture: Amazon

The Squid Game guards are in charge of ensuring all the games go to plan, as well as killing the contestants that fail during each round...

Each terrifying guard dresses in a red jumpsuit, with a mask to cover their identity.

You can purchase a Guard-esque jumpsuit for £18.90 on Amazon.

Click here to buy

Squid Game Front Man

Front Man Halloween costume
Front Man Halloween costume. Picture: Netflix

The Front Man is in charge of overseeing the guards and games, and also acts as the host of the VIPs.

He wears a terrifying black mask throughout, before being unmasked in a twist nobody saw coming...

You can buy a similar mask on Amazon for £10.44.

Click here to buy

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