Who is the Front Man in Squid Game?

1 October 2021, 16:29

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Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Front Man identity: who is the Front Man in Netflix's Squid Game?

If you've just binged every episode of new Netflix series Squid Game, we're guessing you're still reeling from the twists and turns of the final episodes.

One of the long-running mysteries of the show was the Front Man, who appeared to be in charge of proceedings and wore a black mask to disguise his face.

At the end of the series, we find out the true identity of Front Man - and it was a twist none of us saw coming.

Here's what happened...

**Major spoilers for Squid Game ahead**

Front Man appears to be in charge of the games
Front Man appears to be in charge of the games. Picture: Netflix

Who was Front Man in Squid Game?

In perhaps the most shocking scene of the whole show, Front Man was revealed to be the brother of policeman Jun-ho.

Jun-ho had gone undercover to the Squid Game island after he overheard Gi-Hun telling the police about the game, and he realised that his missing brother had been in possession of the same card as him.

He posed as one of the staff throughout, and was under the impression that his brother had been one of the players.

It was shown that Jun-ho deeply cared about his sibling, who had previously donated a kidney to him.

After he had risked his life to find his brother, the Jun-ho managed to escape after stealing a diving suit - and he swam to a nearby island.

Front Man is unmasked at the end of the series
Front Man is unmasked at the end of the series. Picture: Netflix

However, the Front Man and his staff managed to find him, and Front Man revealed himself to his brother.

Jun-ho was then shot by his own brother, but not before he sent videos of evidence about Squid Game to his police colleagues.

We don't yet know, however whether these videos were delivered - as the signal on the island was poor.

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