Innocent season 2: Is Sally Wright guilty?

17 May 2021, 17:09

Sally Wright's murder conviction is overturned in Innocent
Sally Wright's murder conviction is overturned in Innocent. Picture: ITV

Who is Sally Wright in Innocent and did she kill Matthew Taylor?

Innocent is back on ITV with a brand new series this Spring.

This time around, the story follows Sally Wright - played by Katherine Kelly - who was convicted of school boy Matthew Taylor’s murder.

As the series opens, Sally has just been found innocent on appeal after five years behind bars.

But who is Sally Wright and did she kill Matthew Taylor?

Who is Sally Wright?

We first meet Sally Wright in the courtroom after she has been in prison for five years.

Sally Wright is played by Katherine Kelly in Innocent
Sally Wright is played by Katherine Kelly in Innocent. Picture: ITV

The English teacher was convicted of murdering Matty Taylor, whom she previously showed a special interest in.

Sally was accused of having a sexual relationship with Matty, which she denies.

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At the start of the four-parter, she learns that a new piece of evidence has overturned her previous murder conviction, meaning she is allowed to walk free.

Before her conviction, she was happily married to Sam (Jamie Bamber) and secretly pregnant with his child.

But two years into her prison sentence, Sam divorced her and is now engaged to their former family friend, Karen (Priyanga Burford).

Sally is determined to get back her old life, including her ex-husband and teaching job.

Jamie Bamber as Sally's wife Sam in Innocent
Jamie Bamber as Sally's wife Sam in Innocent. Picture: ITV

But when she returns home to Keswick, she has to tell Sam she miscarried their baby in prison, and also discovers that her mum now has dementia and can’t remember her.

Did Sally Wright murder Matthew Taylor in Innocent?

Viewers are led to believe Sally Wright did not kill Matty, but it is unclear at the beginning of the series what relationship she had with the teenager.

Actress Katherine has since opened up about her character, explaining she has an ‘inner strength’.

“She is a tremendously damaged and traumatised human being,” she told The Sunday Post.

Sally Wright is the main character in Innocent season 2
Sally Wright is the main character in Innocent season 2. Picture: ITV

She continued: “I don’t like to use the word victim, because she definitely doesn’t see herself as that, but Sally has been a victim of the system for one reason or another and she’s trying to re-establish her life in her community back in Keswick.

“It seems to me that we live in a world where people are mostly tried by the headlines and we don’t want to read the small print and the detail.”

Katherine has also suggested her character was wrongly accused of having a relationship with Matty, as she added: “The problem is that although she was wrongfully convicted of murder there was also a quite salacious story in the papers that she was supposed to have had an affair with this boy, Matty.

“It really is just a rumour, but that rumour has taken over from the actual facts. As Sally says, she was never even tried for that, never mind convicted of it.”

But if she didn’t kill Matty, then who did? ITV viewers will have to wait to find out the truth…

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