Is Paddy Kirk leaving Emmerdale 2023?

3 March 2023, 10:41

Relations tense on Emmerdale after Paddy returns home

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Is Paddy leaving Emmerdale for good? Fans of the show have been left heartbroken by the recent episode...

Emmerdale fans were heartbroken last night when Paddy Kirk seemingly said his last goodbyes.

The popular character, played by Dominic Brunt, has been struggling with his mental health over the past few months after it was revealed his wife, Chas, was having an affair with Al Chapman.

When Al was then murdered, Paddy was left with depression and disappeared from the village for a while.

But is Paddy leaving Emmerdale and what happens to him? Here’s what we know…

Paddy Dingle said goodbye to his daughter in Emmerdale
Paddy Dingle said goodbye to his daughter in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Does Paddy Kirk die in Emmerdale 2023?

Paddy isn’t going to leave Emmerdale just yet, as he will be found by Marlon.

Thursday evening’s episode saw him going around the Dales speaking to his closest friends and family including Rhona, Marlon, Mandy and his dad Bear.

In a particularly heartbreaking moment, he tucked in his daughter Eve for a final time as she napped on the couch, telling her she "deserved better" but he "loved her more than anything".

"I have to go away tomorrow. But eventually you'll all see it's for the best for everyone,” he said wiping away a tear.

Paddy Kirk is in danger in Emmerdale
Paddy Kirk is in danger in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

He then wrote a final letter to Bear as he went missing again, with fans worrying he is going to die in the coming episodes.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “Paddy's storyline is heart-breaking @dominicbrunt is incredible. If anyone is struggling with their mental health please talk to someone. #mentalhealth #Emmerdale #itsokaytonotbeokay x"

"Paddy saying his goodbyes #Emmerdale," said someone else, while a third added: "This is pretty devastating with Paddy. Not the easiest of watches #Emmerdale."

Luckily, Marlon later finds Paddy in a field with a gun in his hand and manages to persuade his friend to return to the village.

Opening up about filming the powerful scenes, actor Dominic admitted he had to step away to preserve his own mental health.

"I couldn't let myself even open a little door to the Black dogs that these people experience,” he said.

Paddy Dingle is struggling with his mental health
Paddy Dingle is struggling with his mental health. Picture: ITV

"The journey there and the curve was so clear that it was almost easy to do. However, the emotion that you had to visit had to be shaken off almost immediately.

"And I felt supported. But I've got an hour's drive home. I get the radio back on and make sure I get some sleep that night and I'm not suffering like that. I'm a stupid actor with the script in the hand.

"It didn't touch the sides for me and because I know what it's like for someone to really, really go through that. So yes, I felt fine. Sorry, that was a long way around answering that question. But yeah, I'm fine."

Emmerdale worked closely with the Samaritans and men’s suicide prevention charity Andy’s Man Club.

If you have have been affected by this story, reach out to the Samaritans on 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258.

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