Tragic Jeremy Kyle guest claimed host 'ripped in to him' when he failed lie detector

15 May 2019, 07:30 | Updated: 15 May 2019, 07:34

Jeremy Kyle 'ripped in to' a 63-year-old man when he was revealed as a cheat on his show
Jeremy Kyle 'ripped in to' a 63-year-old man when he was revealed as a cheat on his show. Picture: ITV
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The son of Stephen Dymond, who was found dead a week after filming an episode of the ITV show, claims he took his own life after his partner ended their relationship.

A grandfather who took his own life a week after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show told his son that the host had "ripped in to him" for being a cheat.

Stephen Dymond, 63, took his own life a week after filming for the ITV show, which has since been suspended indefinitely.

He had appeared on the show to attempt to prove that he hadn't cheated on his longterm partner Jane Callaghan.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Carl Woolley, 39, revealed that he spoke to his dad - who he refers to as 'Steve' - for the first time in seven years after a relative passed his number to him, worried about his state of mind.

He told the paper: "I called after he got home from filming the episode. He was distraught over the break-up of the relationship.

"He had gone on the show solely to clear his name but he said it had gone wrong because of the lie detector test.

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Jeremy Kyle and show consultant psychiatrist Graham Stanier
Jeremy Kyle and show consultant psychiatrist Graham Stanier. Picture: Getty

"He was adamant that he did not lie. He was so upset that he wasn't making much sense, but he just kept repeating: 'I haven't cheated, Carl, I swear I haven't cheated'.

"Steve told me 'Kyle really laid into me', presumably that was at the point when they announced the lie detector result."

Dad-of-three Carl added that his dad left a suicide note addressed to him. He said: "I'm satisfied Steve intended to kill himself.

"In the note, he apologised and asked me not to hate him for what he has done."

Monday morning's episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show did not air and ITV has now wiped all episodes of the programme from its on-demand service, the ITV Hub.

Episodes will not be shown on ITV2 either.The broadcaster said the episode featuring the participant who died will be submitted for a review due to the "seriousness of this event".

An Ofcom spokesman said: "This is clearly a very distressing case. Although we can only assess content that has been broadcast, we are discussing this programme with ITV as a priority to understand what took place."

The programme has had its regular daytime morning slot on ITV since 2005.

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