Love Island's Anna brands ex Jordan's behaviour 'the WORST in show's history'

25 July 2019, 08:49

Anna has branded her ex-boyfriend Jordan&squot;s behaviour as "the worst in Love Island history".
Anna has branded her ex-boyfriend Jordan's behaviour as "the worst in Love Island history". Picture: ITV

The heartbroken Islander reveals she almost quit twice after finding out her boyfriend of just 48 hours was grafting on co-star India

Love Island's Anna Vakili has blasted ex-boyfriend Jordan Hames for breaking her heart, branding his behaviour as "the worst in the show's history".

The 28-year-old contestant let rip on her man of just 48 hours in a string of explosive scenes after she caught the 24-year-old model flirting up a storm with co-star India Reynolds.

The pharmacist revealed she almost quit the villa following his betrayal and tried to walk off the show but was talked around.

Following her shock dumping last night, she told The Sun: "I think Jordan's behaviour is the worst in Love Island history.

"Who makes someone their girlfriend, then announces they have feelings for another girl and tells her in front of my face, without telling me?

"I think that's the worst thing that's ever happened on the show and trust it to happen to me - it's just my luck."

Anna and her ex Jordan were dumped from the villa last night along with newbies Chris Taylor and his partner Harley Brash, who all received the lowest number of public votes.

Following their exit, devastated Islander Anna claimed Jordan had played with her feelings and labelled him a dishonest game player who just wanted to get to the final.

She said: "I feel he wasn't genuine about liking me or caring about me.

"When he saw we weren't being saved, he thought there was no point in continuing. That's so bad."

She added: "We didn't have sex and I am so glad. Imagine if I had - I would have been even more upset."

Anna Vakili was left devastated by now ex-boyfriend Jordan's betrayal.
Anna Vakili was left devastated by now ex-boyfriend Jordan's betrayal. Picture: ITV

Their blossoming romance, which had viewers gooey-eyed when Jordan asked Anna to be his girlfriend earlier this week, quickly fell apart after Jordan admitted to Curtis his head was being turned my Page 3 glamour girl India, despite the fact she was coupled up with basketball player Ovie.

It unravelled when Anna stormed over to confront her boyfriend after Maura filled her in on the whispers.

She explained: "I was so hurt, I couldn’t keep my anger in. I was so shocked.

"I kept saying that night: 'Oh my god I am such an idiot' but looking back I don’t think I was the idiot - he is the idiot.

"I am just grateful that Maura told me so I was able to go in there and stop him disrespectful."

Anna admitted she knew something was up in her gut as her partner had been spending so much time with his secret love interest.

She said: "During food times Jordan would shout out: 'I'm going to be a vegan now' because India is a vegan.

"I was like: 'That's a bit weird.' He was drying the dishes when she was washing them."

Jordan was caught flirting with co-star India Reynolds.
Jordan was caught flirting with co-star India Reynolds. Picture: ITV

She also admitted she came so close to quitting the villa on more than one occasion after the drama unfolded.

"I felt: 'If the public don't like me or want to watch me, then why am I here?'

"I thought I was in such a strong relationship that I could continue it on the outside if nobody wanted to watch me. That makes me laugh now.

"The second time was when Jordan did what he did - I was almost taking my mic off.

"I would have walked out if it wasn't for everybody around me telling me not to and talking to me.

"I am glad I didn't. I would have regretted walking because of a man doing something to me.

"I'd have regretted it forever if I'd walked out because of him - I wasn't letting him having that satisfaction."

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