Is Love Island Australia season 2 new?

4 March 2021, 14:41

Love Island Australia aired in 2019
Love Island Australia aired in 2019. Picture: Channel Nine

Has this series of Love Island Australia been on TV before? Here's what we know about season 2 of the reality show...

ITV2 is currently helping us through lockdown by airing Love Island Australia.

However, while the second season of the reality show is bringing us some much-needed entertainment, many viewers realised it had already aired.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "So Love Island: Australia isn’t new? I’ve seen it before - disappointing."

"I’m gonna get absolutely dragged for this, but has this Love Island Australia been aired on ITV before? I feel like I’ve seen it but I haven’t streamed it or anything," wrote another.

Love Island Australia is airing on ITV2
Love Island Australia is airing on ITV2. Picture: ITV

While a third added: “Thought it was a new Love Island Australia.. I’ve seen the whole series on ITV player already"

So is Love Island Australia new or has it been aired before? Here’s what we know...

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Is Love Island Australia season 2 new?

The short answer is no, Love Island Australia season 2 was originally filmed and aired back in 2019 Down Under.

And it’s also not the first time it has been shown in the UK, as ITVBe aired the whole series last summer.

If you have seen it and want to know what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, you can see what all the contestants are up to now HERE.

Meanwhile, back in the UK there is good news because ITV have confirmed a new series of Love Island will return to our screens this summer.

The hit dating reality show was cancelled last year after the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to film.

It is believed that the seventh series of Love Island will be filmed in the original Mallorca villa, but The Sun has reported that bosses are looking for back-ups in case this has to change.

A source told the publication: “In a perfect world Love Island would be filmed at original villa they use in Mallorca.

“But the pandemic has meant contingency plans are more important than ever and other locations have been discussed for the show.

“The Greek island of Crete was one which became a favourite due to its accessibility and stunning locations.

“Nothing is off the cards for Love Island at the moment."

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