Love Island Australia series two cast: Where is Margarita Smith now?

22 March 2021, 08:41

Margarita was a bombshell on Love Island Australia
Margarita was a bombshell on Love Island Australia. Picture: Instagram/Channel Nine

What happened with Margarita Smith and Blake Williamson? Here's everything we know about the Love Island Australia star...

**Warning Love Island Australia series two spoilers below**

Love Island Australia has well and truly hooked us this Spring.

As we get ready to watch the UK version in a few months, the second season of Australia’s reality dating show has been warming us up.

The show was originally filmed all the way back in 2019, but over here, we are just watching the drama unfold.

And one of the final Islanders to arrive at the villa was Margarita Smith who joined the show as a bombshell.

Margarita Smith was coupled with Blake Williamson on Love Island Australia
Margarita Smith was coupled with Blake Williamson on Love Island Australia. Picture: Instagram

She went on to enjoy dates with the likes of Adam Farrugia and Matt Zukowsk, before forming a connection with fellow newcomer Blake Williamson.

Unfortunately, things didn’t last very long when Blake cut things off with Margarita when she told the fellow girls about the night they’d spent together.

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After saying that Blake was "bottom heavy", Blake was furious and the couple settled on just being friends.

The couple were then voted out of the villa just days into their experience.

So, where is Margarita now and what happened to her after the show?

Where is Margarita Smith now?

After being dumped from the Island five days following her arrival, Margarita has gone on to be a social media influencer.

She currently has almost 200k followers on Instagram, and often sells products such as clothes and make up.

The reality star has also switched up her look, and went blonde for a short while, before dyeing it brown again.

Speaking about her appearance, Margarita has also hit out at former co-star Adam Farrugia after he called her 'fake' and said he preferred a more 'natural' girl.

Margarita said she loves her appearance after confession to breast implants and a nose job.

She claimed her decision to go under the knife had nothing to do with feeling insecure, telling Daily Mail Australia: “I've always been a really confident person, my whole life.

“I've never actually sat there and thought, ‘Oh, I don't like this.’ I liked my boobs before. I thought they were fantastic!

“But, to be honest, I've always liked that dolled up, fake look.”

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