Love Island Australia series 2: Where is Eoghan Murphy now?

3 March 2021, 10:45 | Updated: 3 March 2021, 14:06

Eoghan Murphy appeared on Love Island Australia 2019
Eoghan Murphy appeared on Love Island Australia 2019. Picture: Instagram

Where is Eoghan from Love Island Australia now and has he got a girlfriend?

Love Island Australia is here to keep us going through a few more weeks of lockdown.

The second series of the reality show was originally shown Down Under back in 2019, but ITV2 is currently airing it.

And one contestant that has already made a splash in the villa is Eoghan Murphy.

But two years later, where is Eoghan Murphy and what is he up to now?

Eoghan Murphy chose to couple up with Jessie Wynter on Love Island Australia
Eoghan Murphy chose to couple up with Jessie Wynter on Love Island Australia. Picture: ITV

Where is Love Island Australia’s Eoghan Murphy now?

Eoghan was brought into the Love Island Australia villa as a bombshell during the first week and had to steal one of the ladies off their partner.

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He was coupled up with Jessie Wynter but they decided to cool off their relationship after Eoghan said he was unwilling to move to Tasmania.

After boasting that all the women in the villa wanted to date him, Eoghan failed to find The One on the show.

During one very dramatic recoupling he then tried to leave to avoid a public dumping.

But the girls then decided to get rid of him off the island anyway and he was sent packing.

Since leaving the show two years ago, Eoghan has also gone back to working in real estate.

He often shares photos of the luxury homes he’s sold on Instagram, as well as endless topless selfies.

The Irish star has since spoken out about his time in the villa, saying his favourite moment was walking in during the first week.

He told The Sun last year: “I swear to god I didn’t expect to have so many girls after me so that kind of messed with my head a little bit because I didn’t really know how to handle that situation.

“As I was in a relationship for so long, I’ve never put myself out there, if I walked in a bar my radar wouldn’t be on. So when I went into the villa, I was like what’s going on here?

“When I came out, there was about 1,000 messages on Instagram, I haven’t even gone through them. I spent my whole life not even getting one message and all of a sudden it blows up.

“It’s been strange, four weeks ago I’d walk around and no one would even look twice and now it’s a bit different.”

He also hinted that he wouldn’t mind bagging an acting role, adding: “I’d love it to get something on Home and Away. I’m in real estate now but as soon as Summer Bay calls, I’m off.”

In terms of his love life, it seems like Eoghan is single at the moment, but he is still friends with his reality star pals - including Matt Zukowski.

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