Love Island sends in two bombshells called Luke... and one is a Justin Bieber lookalike

22 January 2020, 22:01 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 22:11

Both of the new bombshells are called Luke
Both of the new bombshells are called Luke. Picture: ITV/Heart

Things are heating up in the villa but these two new boys will undoubtedly turn heads.

Tonight, Love Island teased two new bombshell boys that'll head into the villa tomorrow night - and they're both called Luke!

First up we have 22-year-old Luke Trotman, who hails from Luton, and we also have 24-year-old Luke Mabbott from Redcar.

Luke Trotman is one of the new Lukes
Luke Trotman is one of the new Lukes. Picture: ITV
Luke Mabbott is the other new boy
Luke Mabbott is the other new boy. Picture: ITV

Trotman is a semi-professional footballer who plays for Darlington F.C as a defender and midfielder.

The gorgeous new islander will undoubtedly turn a lot of heads and will probably bond with Finley over their semi-pro footballing careers.

He has his eye on Leanne, so Mike should keep an eye out, as he backs his dating skills a lot, stating "I've never had a bad date" and adding he never gets nervous.

Mabbott is the tattooed floppy haired dreamboat that looks an awful lot like Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber.

According to his entry interview, he likes blondes... Maybe he's on the lookout for his own Hailey Bieber?

He does describe himself as a relationship guy, and says he wants to find someone this year and get back into a relationship after a year of being single.

Apparently he has his eye on Paige, and he loves a confident gal.

The boys are both gorgeous and they will undoubtedly do some damage when they head in if they have the chat.

We can't wait to see who's head is turned by the double Luke bombshell.