Where is Love Island Aftersun 2021 filmed?

11 July 2021, 20:00

Love Island Aftersun is filmed in London
Love Island Aftersun is filmed in London. Picture: ITV/Instagram

Where is Love Island Aftersun 2021 filmed and how can I get tickets?

Love Island is back, and it’s already giving us more drama than ever before.

And with a record number of recouplings and brutal dumpings, we’re desperate to get all the backstage gossip.

Enter… Love Island Aftersun 2021.

Yep, host Laura Whitmore is fronting ITV2’s spin-off show which is held weekly in a live studio.

Love Island Aftersun airs on Sundays
Love Island Aftersun airs on Sundays. Picture: ITV

But where is Love Island Aftersun 2021 set and is it in Mallorca? Here’s what you need to know…

Where is Love Island Aftersun 2021 filmed?

While the main show is filmed in a luxury villa in Mallorca, Love Island Aftersun is actually filmed live in London at BT Studios.

The episodes air every Sunday at 10 pm on ITV2 and are full of exclusive interviews with the Islanders themselves and a celebrity panel.

How can I book tickets for Love Island Aftersun 2021?

You can actually attend the live filming of Aftersun as a member of the audience.

You can book tickets online via Applause Store, but the minimum age requirement to attend is 18.

All you have to do is log in and make your ticket request by clicking your chosen date.

The Applause Store will then send you an e-ticket directly to your email 24 hours prior to your chosen date if you have been successful.

Meanwhile, host Laura, 36, recently said she has a ‘new favourite’ contestant every week.

“When they come into the villa and they do the line-up, that’s the first time I’m meeting all of them as well,” she told PA ahead of the launch.

“So I’m looking forward to that. It’s so funny because you change your opinion so much. You meet someone and you go, ‘Oh, they’re my favourite’.

“And then I’ll have a different favourite by the next week. The first day, that’s the big day. And I love trying to guess who I think they’ll choose. I never get it right.”

Laura also said she was excited to be back on the show adding: “It’s a year where I think we all need a bit more love and fun in our lives”.

“I think everyone is ready for Love Island to be back – myself included.”

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