Married at First Sight Australia 2023: Where are Janelle Han and Adam Seed now?

9 March 2023, 07:29

MAFS Australia couple Janelle and Adam
MAFS Australia couple Janelle and Adam are plagued by cheating. Picture: Instagram

Are Jannelle Han and Adam Seed from season 10 still together now? Here's what happened to the couple after they finished filming MAFS.

Married at First Sight Australia season 10 is underway in the UK and one new couple who embarked on married life together is Janelle Han and Adam Seed.

The 2023 TV series, which was filmed in the summer of 2022, is officially unfolding on our screens and while we get to grips with all the latest drama, we can skip a few months ahead and see how the couples are getting on - spoilers ahead.

Janelle, aged 28, and Adam, aged 35, looked like a couple made in heaven but they certainly faced plenty of challenges as the experiment went from financial worries to cheating confessions pretty quickly.

So did Janelle and Adam last the series? And are they still together? Here's what we know.

Janelle Hans selfie with dark purple lipstick
Janelle Hans was worried her new husband wouldn't find her attractive. Picture: Janelle Hans/Instagram

Are Jannelle and Adam from MAFS still together?

It's fair to say, things get quite heated between these two as not only are they not compatible, they are also centre of a MAFS cheating scandal.

To begin with, Adam's choice of career, a start-up prize business in London, causes lots of questions from her family who believe stability and an important job is crucial for their daughter's future.

Then, Adam confessed to cheating on his ex-fiancée with Janelle giving him the benefit of the doubt of. However, sadly, her original thoughts of "once a cheater, always a cheater" turn out to be true.

As the series unfolds, Adam and fellow contestant Claire grow close and share a kiss - ultimately ending his and Janelle's relationship.

It goes without saying they choose to leave.

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Where is MAFS Janelle Han now?

Since the show, Janelle has stayed as an influencer but has yet to reveal any new posts on Instagram that are not MAFS related.

She's used the grids on her social page to thank her MAFS friends and to apologise to fellow star Jesse Burford who first made the cheating allegations.

Janelle wrote: "Although I’ve gained trust issues now, I can say with confidence that I have built forever friendships. The women in this experiment are all boss b*tches. Luckily for me, I found incredible friendships that I will treasure for life #MAFS."

Where is MAFS Adam Seed now?

Adam has remained pretty quiet since appearing on the show and probably for good reason.

His social media pages are full of moments from his time on MAFS where he has admitted he "messed up".

He has since said he feels guilty and remorseful over his actions on the show.

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