What is the Married At First Sight Australia prize?

4 October 2021, 19:20

The Married at First Sight Australia season eight cast
The Married at First Sight Australia season eight cast. Picture: Channel Nine

Is there a prize for Married At First Sight Australia and how much do the stars get paid? Find out everything...

**Married At First Sight Australia season five spoilers below**

Married At First Sight Australia has hooked the nation, with viewers currently watching season eight on E4.

The season was originally filmed in 2020, with 16 couples hoping to find their Happy Ever After.

Unfortunately, not everything went to plan for the pairings and there was a lot of drama along the way.

But many fans have now been wondering what the stars get for staying in the show all the way to the end.

So what is the Married at First Sight Australia prize? And do the stars get paid? Here’s what we know…

What's the prize on Married At First Sight Australia?

There is no prize for deciding to stay married at the end of the series, but the couples do get paid daily.

According to season five star Nasser Sultan, each contestant gets around £82, as he said: "You get $150 for the day, that's it."

Speaking to Now to Love, he added that the stars have to pay their own expenses, continuing: "Your living expenses with the woman that you marry.

"It's not $150 clear. You still have to pay rent if you're renting, you've gotta pay your rego and it's 12 hour filming days."

According to Nasser - who was paired with Gabrielle Bartlett - their contracts state that contestants ‘get a per diem’ which means a daily allowance to cover expenses.

Married at First Sight Australia is back on E4
Married at First Sight Australia is back on E4. Picture: Channel Nine

He said: "They filmed us going shopping and we had to shop at the same grocery store - which was really expensive, but it was out of our own money.

"Gab and I would sometimes spend up to $70 a day on just living, so we didn't have much left after that."

Contestants with jobs also have to take annual leave, unpaid holiday or even quit their job while taking part on the show as filming could be 12 hours a day.

However, the marriages at the start of the show are paid for by the Nine Network.

But former season seven contestant Ivan Sarakula reportedly had to pay some of the bill for his big day with Aleksandra Markovic.

According to his co-star Martha Kalifatidis, Ivan had to cover some of the expenses for his wedding as he said: “Apparently, Ivan actually got money out of his own pocket to pay for part of his wedding because he wanted it to be so elaborate, and the show gives you a budget.”