Martin Lewis sparks concern he has coronavirus as he reveals he's 'nauseous and weak'

3 July 2020, 14:01

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Martin Lewis told fans he "hopes" he doesn't have COVID-19 after revealing to his viewers he was feeling under the weather.

Martin Lewis revealed on Thursday night's The Martin Lewis Money Show that he was feeling under the weather, as he appeared live on the show from his home.

Speaking to co-host Angelica at the start of the programme, he said: "I'm a little bit under the weather, a bit nauseous, but I've got make up on to cover the green!"

Later, the star took to Twitter to reveal that he was going to bed straight after the show was done, after starting to feel nauseous and weak.

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Martin Lewis worried fans as he said he was feeling under the weather during his live show
Martin Lewis worried fans as he said he was feeling under the weather during his live show. Picture: ITV

He tweeted: "The problem with having your own live TV show, is when you're feeling under the weather as I am right now (nauseous and weak) show must go on.

"Let's hope Dr. Showbiz helps. At least I'm doing it from home so I can go to bed straight afterwards."

It's no shock that fans immediately worried the Money Saving Expert has COVID-19.

One person replied to Martin on Twitter, writing: "It's not the virus I hope."

However, he replied saying that he thinks it is "unlikely" he does have it.

He commented back: "I hope not too, but I have no fever, no cough and still have my sense of taste, so thankfully I think it's unlikely."

The Money Saving Expert said he felt 'weak' and 'nauseous'
The Money Saving Expert said he felt 'weak' and 'nauseous'. Picture: ITV

Many fans were quick to wish the TV star well, while others encouraged him to get tested for the virus even though his symptoms were different.

One person wrote: "I'd definitely recommend getting a test if you don't get better overnight."

Today, the star has returned to social media, giving his regular nuggets of money advice, without mentioning his illness.

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